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Top Ten Occupations With The Most Projected Job Growth

If you are in a position to choose a field of study at the college level, then you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. From healthcare to business, there are dozens of potential areas of study to choose from, and each has a variety of pros and cons. One important thing to keep in mind is projected job growth for specific career choices. Along with finding a job that you enjoy and find fulfilling, you will want to select a job that is predicted to grow and stay relevant in the coming years. Here are the top 10 occupations with the most projected job growth in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

1. Personal Care Aide

While there are nearly one million personal care aides in the United States currently, the BLS estimates that that number will increase by 48.8 percent between now and 2022. Becoming a personal care aide does not require a college degree, but many hospitals and nursing homes ask applicants to take a state licensing exam or an online course to familiarize themselves with proper care procedures.

2. Registered Nurse

One of the most integral roles in the medical industry is that of the registered nurse. Earning a median salary of $64,690 annually, registered nurses are in high demand and are forecast to become even more necessary in the years ahead. To become a registered nurse, students need to pass a national licensing examination. Preparing for this extensive exam is generally done through an associate's degree in nursing or a more advanced four-year bachelor's degree.

3. Retail Salesperson

In the United States today, more than four million people hold the job of retail salesperson. The BLS predicts that this number will continue to rise over time, and in 2022 an additional 434,000 hires will occur. If you enjoy working directly with customers and you have an outgoing personality, then sales may be the right career choice for your future.

4. Home Health Aide

Just like the number one spot on the list, personal care aide, a home health aide is a rapidly growing employment option in the healthcare industry. Home health aides work in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in the homes of their patients, and they tackle jobs ranging from grooming to hygiene and sometimes even helping with medication. Working as a home health aide doesn't necessarily require a formal education, but many in the field hold a basic certification or even an associate degree.d

5. Food Preparation and Serving Worker

Close to three million individuals work as food preparation and serving workers, and the BLS forecasts more than 421,000 new hires in the field between now and 2022. Food preparation and serving workers typically have a high school diploma, and the average salary is $19,300.

6. Nursing Assistant

If you are interested in a career in nursing but you don't want to put in the time it takes to become a registered nurse, then working as a nursing assistant can be a great alternative with plenty of job stability. You won't necessarily need a college degree in order to find a career as a nursing assistant, but you will need to pass a state exam.

7. Secretary or Administrative Assistant

With a predicted 307,000 new hires in this field by 2022, secretaries and administrative assistants can expect a lot of demand in the coming years. If you are organized, punctual and you have great communication skills, then this may be a suitable career choice that typically requires just a high school diploma.

8. Customer Service Representative

One of the top occupations in terms of job growth is that of customer service representative. This position involves interacting with customers and clients to deal with questions, returned products, comments or complaints. With a median salary of $30,580, customer service representatives typically have just a high school diploma or an online certification in communication or customer service.

9. Janitor

In order to keep retail, commercial, factory and office spaces clean and organized, janitors and custodial staff are vital. It should come as no surprise, then, to note that it is one of the occupations with the most projected job growth based on research from the BLS.

10. Construction Laborer

With an estimated 24% job growth over the next decade, those working as construction laborers may be able to choose from any number of employment opportunities in the growing market. Requiring just on-the-job training, this career choice may be ideal for those who have not yet earned a college degree.

Whether you plan to earn an online associate degree or a degree from a traditional college campus, selecting one of these top occupations with growth potential can give you greater job security in the future.