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Top Industries For Careers In Project Management

Project management is an important element of virtually every corporation. To oversee projects, enforce deadlines and coordinate the schedules of all participants, most companies hire one or more project managers. To work in project management, individuals will typically need to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in project management, business or management.

Industry-specific project managers, however, can opt to earn their bachelor's in another subject and then add on post-graduate certifications or a master's degree in project management. Although project managers work in almost every field imaginable, there is a greater demand in certain industries. Take a closer look at the top industries to find employment if you're hoping to work in project management.

Construction and Real Estate Development

One of the industries with the highest demand for project management professionals is construction. Every time a new shopping mall is erected, a bridge is designed or an apartment complex is built, a project manager is on hand from the origin of the project all the way to its completion. Since these projects can often takes years and even decades to be finished, these roles offer job security as well as the fulfillment that comes upon completion. 

Project managers in real estate or construction are typically responsible for a single project, and it is their primary duty to make sure that the project is completed on time and within the confines of the predetermined budget. To accomplish this task, project managers might have to hire subcontractors, assess results and determine whether the schedule is being adhered to, meet with owners or developers and orchestrate hundreds or even thousands of employees who work to finish the project. 

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Information Technology

As the IT sector continues to boom, it makes sense that project management roles in information technology are also on the rise. Things that many people take for granted in today's world, such as the release of the newest phone model or a new video game, can takes entire teams of professionals years to finish. Overseeing entire projects from the initial idea to successful completion is the goal of professional project managers.

IT project managers need to have leadership, organization and great communication skills. However, they also need to have at least a rudimentary understanding of the technology they will be championing. For this reason, many IT project managers hold bachelor's degrees in technology or in computing.

Defense and Aerospace

Some of the biggest budgets in the world are found at aerospace and defense corporations. Building a new passenger jet or developing a new spacecraft to reach a further planet is far from easy, and it requires a huge amount of money in order to achieve. To ensure that budgets are being met and results are worth the investment, project managers need to oversee development, monitor cash flow and help individuals appreciate the value of these new projects.

Working as a project manager in aerospace or defense technology can offer impressive financial rewards, but it can also be a challenging and stressful career. Many of the positions available in this field are offered by private corporations, but there are also many government positions available. 

Healthcare and Medicine

The fastest-growing industry in the United States is healthcare. This has to do with a combination of factors that include rising obesity rates, an aging population and greater awareness about proper healthcare. As a result, more hospitals are being built, private practices are branching out and pharmaceutical companies are growing and releasing new products all the time.

Project managers in these industries are often responsible for the testing, marketing and release of a new pharmaceutical drug. They can also be tasked with switching from paper records to electronic records, a massive overhaul happening across the country right now. To replicate and digitize all the documents in an entire hospital requires thousands of hours of man power and incredible organization, which definitely makes it the right job for a dedicated project manager.

Whether an individual wants to work in healthcare, information technology, construction or defense, there will be project management roles available. The best project managers will have great leadership skills, be incredibly organized and have some background knowledge or experience in the field where they hope to work.

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