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Become a Hero with a Career in Security and Protective Services

Crime rates are on the rise throughout the nation. The threat of terrorism continues to be an unprecedented national concern. The citizens of this country need the protection provided by those in security and protective services positions.

Become Part of a Highly Regarded Team in Our Society

Earning your degree or advancing your credentials in security and protective services allows you to become part of this well-respected team standing guard, protecting those who can’t protect themselves. It’s a well-respected field that can provide rewarding benefits for those interested in such an important line of work.

The Importance of Security and Protective Services

All you have to do is watch the news to know how important the professional in the security and protective services fields are to our everyday lives. They protect us from criminals, respond to public emergencies, and help us to recover from natural disasters.

Policemen, firemen, night watchmen, and other highly trained individuals make up the team of security and protective services. It takes a special breed to put your life on the line everyday for the good of society. Perhaps you have that drive in you as well.

A Wide Array of Specialized Opportunities Exist in the Field

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of security and protective services personnel is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2014. Perhaps the best part about this field is that you can enter a division of security and protective services that best matches your abilities and interests. The field is literally wide open.

Opportunities exist for well-qualified professionals in areas such as:

  • criminal justice
  • homeland security
  • risk management
  • administration positions

Preferred Credentials for Protective Services Positions

Entry points into the fields of security and protective services vary widely.

  • Online degrees in protective services provide you with focused training and education in your particular field of interest.
  • Degree programs are available from accredited online colleges that will allow you to choose a program that best fits your individual personal and professional goals.

Flexible Online Opportunities in Security and Protective Services

With online programs, you can earn an associate, bachelor, or master’s degree from the accredited college of your choice. If you are currently in the field and would like to pursue certification in different areas to boost the knowledge and skills that can help you advance your career, these are available as well.

The flexibility provided through online learning allows you to continue to meet your responsibilities every day while continuing your education. Find out what great opportunities await you at in the field of security and protective services. There’s no better time to begin than today!