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College graduates with information technology and visual communication specialties will be among the most-wanted job candidates throughout the nation over the coming decade. Whether you earn a degree in information technology, in visual graphics design, or combine both skill sets as a web-based communication pro, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts that recruiters will place you on their radar.

Labor Department Predicts Great Job Opportunity

Among the major design fields, the Labor Department says, college and university grads with degrees or certifications in animation or visual design will have the best job opportunities. You can find online college programs in IT/Visual Communication that lead to associates, bachelor, and master's degrees in the field. And if you already have either a design or information technology background, you'll find flexible, accredited online classes that help you advance your career.

Gain the Skills You Need for Real Possibilities in Technology

Information technology/visual communication students study the creation, development, and delivery of today's rich multimedia presentations, advertisements, websites, training videos, and digital publications for a wide range of corporate and private clients. They work in manufacturing, entertainment, financial services health care, educational, and governmental organizations.

Many self-paced, online classes teach students how to develop websites, program Flash or other animated communications, manipulate illustrations and photographs -- all using the most-recent releases of today's in-demand software tools. You'll find degree-focused or advanced certification courses in HTML, PHP programming, XML, Java, 2D and 3D animation software, and other critical software used by IT/communication professionals.

Advance Your Career Development with Internships

Students also take internships with advertising agencies, design firms, entertainment studios, or hosting companies that help them to build an impressive portfolio to speed their career development.

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