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Hotel & Restaurant Management Careers Offer Real Growth Potential

The hospitality industry has evolved world wide over the years. This is one field you can count on to continue to grow, providing a need for well-trained professionals with a well-rounded knowledge of the global hospitality industry. As with most professions, you can find your niche for specialization, but a broad knowledge of this industry opens a wide range of opportunities.

Enjoy Helping Others?

If you enjoy helping people, this field could hold an area of interest for a career. Hotel management includes helping customers obtain good service, comfortable lodging, great meals, and services that will entice them to return for another stay. It is a field that offers good compensation plans and opportunity to progress in your career. Another benefit is the chance to live in any area of the country, or the world for that matter.

According to Federal Department of Labor projections, hotel and restaurant managers with specialized training and college degrees will have greater options in job opportunities over the next decade.

Certification and Accredited Degrees Available Online

You'll find certification training courses in the hotel and restaurant management professions as well as a full range of associate, bachelor, and graduate degree programs at specialty schools and accredited colleges and universities. You can pursue a degree online to get your hotel or restaurant management career off the ground. If you are already in this field of work, advancing your degree and gaining further expertise could be the key to moving your career ahead.  

Restaurant Management Offers a Wide-Range of Options from Cruise Ships to Family Cafes

Restaurant managers discover well-paid careers with major dining chains, four-star specialty restaurants, intimate family cafes, hotels, cruise ships, spas and resorts, catering companies, and corporate dining facilities. With a degree in this field, you should be equipped to effectively manage staff,  as well as gain skills in everything from food procurement to budgeting, health and safety laws, human resource management, and managing banquets and conventions.

Advance your Degree Online

If you're already a professional with lodging experience, you can advance your career with online classes leading to hotel management certifications and degrees. Hotel managers work across the broad range of hospitality professions, at major international hotels, small chains, cruise lines, casinos, resorts, spas, and bed and breakfast inns.

High-Growth Profession

Hotel management classes prepare you for work with front desk, catering, housekeeping, banquet, and room service staff. You'll also learn budgeting, staff recruiting, marketing, public relations, and other critical responsibilities in this exciting, high-growth profession.

If you're ready to pursue an opportunity in the field of hotel management or restaurant management, discover how you can begin today with a convenient online program from an accredited college or university.

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