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Health Care Careers

Health care has a vast range of possibilities and is among the top fields of study today. This is one of the reasons so many students decide to pursue a degree in some aspect of health care. The health care industry continues to grow faster than most any other field, primarily due to the amazing strides and growth in medical technology.

If you are interested in preparing for a health care career, your biggest task will be to decide among the wide range of options you will find in this field. Our goal in the health care section of the career guide is to provide information that will assist you in learning more about the various options in  health care careers and help you learn how to prepare for the one that interests you most.

A small sampling of health care careers include: Radiation Therapist, Nurse, Dental Hygienist, Physical Therapist, Dietician, Exercise Physiologist, Occupational Therapist, Medical Assistant, Medical Transcriptionist.

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