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Healthcare: Why It Is Such a Popular Field

Ask around at any college campus, and you might soon discover that a large percentage of the student population happens to be majoring in healthcare and related subjects.

While healthcare has long been an integral industry in society, there is no question that it has become more and more popular in recent years.

Of course, working in healthcare can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and that explains why some students enroll in college degree programs in the field.

However, that alone can't explain the incredible popularity of the subject.

Read on to discover why healthcare degrees are so popular in American college campuses and accredited online colleges.

Job Stability and Projected Job Growth

Perhaps the most important reason to get a college education is to secure a job after graduation.

Of course, all students want to ensure that there will be available jobs in their field by the time they get around to graduating in two, four or even six years in the future.

Healthcare is one field where job growth is predicted and there will likely be an increase in demand for qualified employees who feel comfortable working in hospitals, private practices and nursing homes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17 of the top 25 fastest-growing occupations in the United States are in the field of healthcare.

For students planning to major in one of the various subjects related to healthcare, this helps students realize that their degree will be worth the time, cost and effort it takes to graduate in their chosen area of healthcare.

High Average Earning Potential

Another major consideration for aspiring college students who have yet to select a major is earning potential.

While not everyone will pick a major specifically because of a future salary, it is a vital aspect of choosing a career path after graduation.

Many healthcare degree programs prepare students for well-paid careers that are among the best in the country.

The Business Journals recently created a list of the 100 jobs in the United States that bring in the highest salaries. Unsurprisingly, healthcare careers dominated the list.

In fact, it wasn't until the number 10 spot that any career outside of healthcare was even mentioned.

Some of the highest-paying careers include that of anesthesiologists, with an average annual salary of $232,830, surgeons, who earn $230,540, obstetricians and gynecologists, making roughly $216,760 each year, and oral surgeons, securing an average yearly pay of $216,440.

Respect and Prestige in the Community

In addition to job security and earning potential, many students are drawn to the various types of careers in the field of healthcare because it can help to earn them respect. In most social circles and communities, working in healthcare is a respected position.

Helping others, making a true difference in the lives of thousands of patients and working to treat, diagnose and heal individuals is rewarding both in and out of the daily workplace.

If you want to have a level of prestige and respect from your career choice, healthcare is certainly a promising industry to consider.

Careers Suitable For All Education Levels

Healthcare is also such a popular field because it includes careers for individuals with varying levels of education.

Whether you have a high school diploma, a GED, an associate degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree or even your doctorate, you can find a suitable career within the healthcare industry.

The BLS has compiled a list of healthcare occupations as well as their necessary levels of education, and the results clearly reflect the diversity in training and certification.

With just a high school diploma or a general education degree, you might work as an occupational health and safety technician, a personal care aide, a pharmacy technician or a dispensing optometrist.

With a two-year associate degree from a college campus or an accredited online college, you could serve as a radiation therapist, a registered nurse or even a dental hygienist.

With a four-year bachelor's degree under your belt, career possibilities include that of dietician, exercise physiologist and recreational therapist.

Once you have a master's degree, options extend further to careers like speech-language pathologist, genetic counselor and nurse practitioners.

Clearly, any level of education can prepare you for a healthcare career. To view the entire list from the BLS, click here.

Fascinating Subject Matter

Another contributing factor to healthcare's popularity as a college major revolves around the interesting subject matter. Whether you are studying anatomy or psychology, the human body is an intricate and remarkable topic for learning.

Students who are fascinated by medical technology might be naturally drawn to education in this field, helping to explain why it is such a popular field of study.

Whether students plan to go full-time on a college campus or a few years earning an online degree part-time, healthcare is a popular field that can bring with it job security and an impressive earning potential.

There are so many growing areas in health care every year, choosing a health care major that interests you is definitely a good career choice for your future.