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Explore Career Opportunities in Global Business Management

In the competitive world of business, the top positions are often reserved for professionals capable of operating across national borders and leading teams made up of people from around the world. Global business management can certainly be a challenging career choice, but it offers individuals the chance to enjoy lucrative salaries as well as international placements.

Discover what career options lie ahead for those interested in global business management as well as what to expect and how to get there.

Careers Possible in the Field of Global Business Management

The majority of careers available in global business management will be leadership positions at international corporations. These careers typically include overseeing all staff, managing certain departments or orchestrating large projects in order to meet deadlines and budgets. 

However, there can also be huge differences between careers within global business management. Someone overseeing operations in a factory in China, someone that works as the head of sales in New York and someone who manages accounting for an international accountancy could all technically be considered global business managers.

More specific titles that you might expect within this field can include strategic growth planner, international executive, marketing head, advertising chair or overseas human resources manager.

Attributes and Traits of a Successful Global Business Management Professional

To be truly successful in the world of global business management, individuals will need to be natural leaders who are confident in their abilities but respectful of other cultures. The best managers know how to lead others, and can inspire their employees and colleagues when it is necessary.

At the same time, no manager can ever be comfortable with the customs, language and social norms of every country. For that reason, international management professionals should also be willing to defer to experts and come up with unique ways to inspire and encourage when it is necessary. After all, the best ways to manage a group of employees in New Jersey could be completely different from the best practices for management in Tokyo or Paris.

Other skills that can be helpful for those in global business management are the ability to speak a foreign language, excellent communication skills and being comfortable when traveling to new places around the world.

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What to Expect on the Job

While every position is different, many global business management careers require long hours, lots of travel and the ability to cope with a certain level of stress. You will typically have a home base office in one location, which might be domestic or overseas, but traveling to meet with international clients, partners and suppliers should be expected. 

Because of time zone differences and big business deals, many global management professionals are in the office early or need to be on call at unusual hours of the day and night. In exchange, the pay for these kinds of positions is often very lucrative. Global management professionals who relocate internationally may also receive living expenses or free travel to help accommodate them in their new location.

Training and Education for Careers in Global Business Management

There are several different ways individuals can train and prepare for a career in global business management. First, and perhaps most importantly, will be earning a degree in some area of business. At a minimum, most corporations seeking managerial staff will require applicants to have a bachelor's degree, and in some cases the minimum may be a master's degree. 

Candidates for international business management roles should also aim to master a foreign language, which can boost their chance of success and their respect when they relocate to a new destination. Finally, taking one or more courses in cultural sensitivity, corporate leadership or international mores can go a long way in distinguishing you from other candidates with a strictly business background.

Careers in global business management can be exciting and intense, making them ideal for those who love new adventures. Salaries for these positions tend to be very impressive, making competition stiff in order to secure the top careers around the world. Make sure you're ready for the competition with a degree in global business management.