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Earning Your Business Degree in Marketing

Many students who want to find a career in the world of business understand that earning a college degree is the perfect first step toward finding fulfilling employment..

However, there are a variety of majors to choose from, and it can be difficult to narrow down all the options and select the one that will best fit your talents and goals for the future.

For many students, marketing is the right choice for a college degree program and for a new career. Use this guide to learn more about the predicted job growth for this field, the kind of careers available, average salaries and what kind of college degree is the best way to prepare.

Quick Facts: Marketing Industry
Median Pay:   $111,503 per year | $54 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree
Work Experience:   5 years or more
Number of Jobs, 2014:   601,000

Marketing Occupations:

  • Marketing managers$127,130
  • Advertising and promotions managers$96,720
  • Sales managers$110,660

Where Do Marketers Work?

Whether a business wants to sell a product, a celebrity wants to sell an image of themselves to the media or a political party wants to encourage voters on a certain issue, marketers are likely behind the campaign.

Choosing this career means that there are almost limitless employment opportunities available in dozens of different fields and industries. However, a large percentage of marketers will find themselves working for large retail corporations.

The job description might vary tremendously depending on what needs to be marketed and where your individual strengths lie, but most careers in this field will be in a more traditional office setting, although travel to meet with clients or attend conventions may be required.

What Do Marketers Do?

Marketers do their best to understand consumer behavior as well as what factors can influence a decision to purchase a product or support an idea. Their job often involves market research in order to determine who the main demographic is for a product or brand and how that demographic can be influenced.

Along with collecting information through surveys or questionnaires, marketers may analyze the data to make recommendations to sales teams for a company. Marketers also study trends in their industry and try to pick up on the next big idea, celebrity or image to incorporate it into their brand and their advertising campaigns. In essence, marketers gather data, process it and then make recommendations based on their findings.

What is the Average Salary in this Field?

If you are thinking seriously about this kind of career, salary may be a big motivating factor. Like many careers in business, advertising and sales, a marketer's salary can fluctuate substantially depending on factors like geographic location, success on the job, experience and education.

As a whole, however, the field is a lucrative option for those who are looking for financial security. A market research analyst, for example, earns a median salary of $60,300 each year, and a manager in the field would earn an average salary of $115,750, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Kind of Careers are Available?

With a business degree in marketing, there are countless job opportunities available for graduates in this field. A large number of graduates will go on to work as market research analysts for retail corporations, but your understanding of consumer behavior can be beneficial for a number of different positions as well.

Some of the many careers you might want to consider include that of promotions manager, advertising executive, advertising sales consultant, cost estimator, operations research analyst and statistician.

What Attributes Make the Most Successful Marketers?

A college degree may be the first step to becoming a marketer, but long-term success also depends heavily on your natural abilities and characteristics. The job requires a combination of language skills and mathematical skills to translate data and then turn it into a company policy or advertising campaign.

In addition, many of the best marketers are great speakers, good listeners and are able to stay organized. Finally, great marketers are critical thinkers that can spot patterns and triggers driving lesser-known consumer behavior.

What Type of College Degree is Best?

If you decide on this career choice for your future, it is time to think seriously about what it will take to help you succeed. Without question, a college degree will make securing a job much easier, and it can help you get your foot in the door with an interview as well as train you to do well once you are hired. A business degree in marketing is the natural fit for this field, but you will have the option of choosing an associate degree, a bachelor's degree or a master's degree.

An associate degree takes just two years to complete, but it will only be a way to secure entry-level jobs with limited upward mobility. A four-year bachelor's degree is the most popular option for undergraduates, and it is the qualification required by many employers in this field. For those who want to secure some of the top management and research positions, a master's degree may be the best option.

Whatever degree you choose, some of the courses you might expect to find on your syllabus will include brand management, advertising, copywriting, consumer behavior, market research and business communications.

What Does Job Growth Look Like in the Field?

When choosing your college major and your future career, it is important to think about long-term prospects as well as opportunities available immediately after graduation. According to the BLS, market research analysts will see a remarkable 32 percent rise in demand between now and 2022, which is much faster growth than average.

While there are 415,700 jobs in this category today, there is predicted to be more than 545,00 marketers serving as market research analysts a decade from now. This predicted growth is great news for those attending college now, as it means that job security will be more prevalent after graduation as well as in the years to follow.

Working in marketing can be a wonderful opportunity for those searching for financial security and job stability. Earning a degree from a college campus or an accredited online college can help you get ready for a marketing career. Find out more about online degree programs in business and marketing.