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Why Choose Computer Programming As Your Career

If you feel comfortable using computers, you enjoy keeping up with the latest technological advancements and you are interested in learning more about how to write code and create programs, then considering a career in computer programming is certainly an obvious choice.

Quick Facts: Computer Programming Industry
Median Pay:   $89,055 per year | $43 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree
Work Experience:   None
Number of Jobs, 2014:   1,561,000

Computer Programming Occupations:

  • Computer programmers$77,550
  • Software developers, applications$95,510
  • Software developers, systems software$102,880
  • Database administrators$80,280

Even if you have extensive ability in this field, a college degree will be required by most prospective employers. Use this guide to learn more about how to become a computer programmer, how much employees in this field typically earn, the daily tasks of this profession and predicted job growth.

What is The Predicted Job Growth in This Field?

For many individuals who are ready to choose their college major and embark on a new career path, stability is important. It can be a scary thing to spend years pursuing a specific job only to find that the job market is saturated or firms in your area aren't hiring.

Thankfully, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has good news for aspiring computer programmers. Between 2010 and 2020, the BLS estimates that the demand for computer programmers will increase by 12%, which keeps up with overall growth in the employment sector.

This is great for those who want to ensure that they have employment possibilities after graduation as well as anyone who craves stability in their field.

What Degrees Are Required to Become a Programmer?

It is nearly impossible to find computer programmers without at least some type of formal education in the field of computer science. Generally, the best course of action is to pursue a four-year bachelor's degree, which consists of roughly 120 credits.

The major you pick could be computer science, programming or even information technology. In some cases, having an associate degree may be enough to secure a job in this field.

Earning an associate degree takes just two years to complete. However, there is no question that having either a bachelor's degree or an advanced certification like the master's degree will increase your earning potential as well as the number of jobs open to you in your desired field.

Are Online or Traditional Degrees Better For Students?

Once you have made up your mind to pursue a degree in the area of computer science of programming, you will need to choose between an online degree and the more traditional campus programs. Both typically include the same materials and the same exams, but there are some specific factors to take into consideration.

Online courses are generally more convenient for busy individuals, and they allow you to enjoy a more flexible schedule when it comes to watching lectures online and taking exams from the comfort of home. However, the decision is one that individuals have to make for themselves, and either way the final product of a degree can help you get ahead and secure employment as one of the many computer programmers in the United States and around the world.

What Are The Daily Tasks For This Profession?

An important thing to keep in mind when choosing computer programming as your career is what your daily life might look like.

According to the BLS, computer programmers create software programs by writing code. Typical tasks also include troubleshooting new programs, adjusting them to fit the needs of a client or the general public and then updating them as needed over time.

Computer programmers may work in large software firms, with startup tech companies or as freelance agents.

What is The Average Salary of a Programmer?

Prospective students should give plenty of thought to potential salaries before enrolling in an associate or bachelor's degree in computer science or programming.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the median annual salary of this profession as $71,380 as of May 2012, and that number will likely grow to keep up with inflation. With greater experience and advanced degrees in the field, computer programmers can easily earn more than $100,000 annually.

What Are The Desired Qualities of a Programmer?

While anyone with the interest, dedication and desire can pursue this career, computer programmers in the top of their field all tend to have a few similar attributes. Being able to work alone as well as with a team is key, as projects and work environments can vary substantially.

Programmers should also be ready to work long shifts as deadlines approach, and the best professionals in the industry can focus on multiple projects, stay organized and be patient.

If you are ready to become a computer programmer, starting with the right education is the place to begin. The first steps toward this career include understanding more about the position and enrolling in a college degree program online or through a traditional college campus. After graduation, you should be set to apply for a wide range of jobs and enjoy a successful career in this important field.

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