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Benefits For Teachers To Earn Their Master's Degrees

Educators are often considered to have the noblest of professions, and it can be an incredibly fulfilling and interesting career for many individuals. While being a teacher can encompass a variety of different employment opportunities, almost all of them will require a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

However, an increasing number of careers in education also recommend or prefer candidates with a master's degree. If you are thinking seriously about earning a master's degree but are not yet convinced it is a good idea, then this guide detailing the benefits of a master's degree for teachers can help.

Quick Facts: Teacher Industry
Median Pay:   $54,530 per year | $26 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree
Work Experience:   None
Number of Jobs, 2014:   1,985,000

Teacher Occupations:

  • Elementary school teachers, except special education$54,120
  • Middle school teachers, except special and career/technical education$54,940

Increases the Number of Employment Locations

This is perhaps the most important reason that educational professionals should consider going back to school and earning an advanced degree. While some schools and even community colleges will hire individuals with just a bachelor's degree, many more require all of their applicants to have a minimum of a master's degree.

Some schools may hire you initially with an undergraduate degree, but the assumption or agreement is that you will pursue a master's degree in the coming years in order to better your knowledge and skill set.

Overall, having a master's degree will open a number of doors for educators, and it can increase the number of potential locations where you can apply and secure a job in the field.

Helps Secure Promotions in Your Field

Even if you are already happy with the location where you are employed, having an advanced degree can make it more likely that you will earn a promotion. In many schools, there are head education professionals that take on additional responsibilities, check curriculum over the summer and mentor new teaching staff.

One of the ways to secure a promotion like this is with experience, but a master's degree is also a great option. Anyone currently employed as a teacher but ready to advance their career and tackle new opportunities should think of ways that they can improve their own credentials in order to be of more value to employers.

Can Be Completed Entirely Online

Although most educators would agree that having an advanced degree is a primary way to improve their careers, not everyone wants to quit their job and head back to college in order to do so. Thankfully, that is absolutely not a requirement for master's students.

Today, many educators choose to earn their master's degree entirely online. Rather than commuting to a lecture hall in the evening, all you will need to do is open up your laptop. Lectures are recorded, and students typically have the option of watching them live or at a later time when it fits into their schedule. The cost of online degree programs is similar or even cheaper than the more traditional campus option, which makes it even better for educators on a limited budget.

Can Increase Your Earning and Bonus Potential

Although working as a teacher can be lucrative, most people do not choose this profession for the paycheck. However, one of the most effective ways to increase your earning potential is to advance your education.

According to information from the University of Washington, as reported in the Huffington Post, teachers with a master's degree typically earn a bonus of $1,423 to $10,777 each year.

It should be obvious that over an entire career as a teacher, those bonuses can add up to a significant amount of money. For that reason alone, earning your master's degree may be more than worth the time and effort that it takes.

Helps You To Become a Better Educator

Along with increasing job opportunities and earning potential, earning a Master’s in Education will also help you to become a better teacher. By taking an additional year or two years of classes designed specifically to help students better understand the field of education, you will almost certainly graduate with more skills and better classroom abilities.

Since the goal of many educators is to make the biggest positive impact possible on their students, earning one of the many masters degrees online and in college campuses is a logical step.

Potential For Specialization in Your Field

Another huge benefit of earning a master's degree in education is the opportunity to specialize in your field. Although you may already have a bachelor's degree in general education, or even in a specific subject like math or history, an advanced education can allow you to filter down your niche area even further.

Some options might include adult literacy, special education or even how to include technology in modern high schools. Specializing at the master's level is a way to keep you up to date in the field, and it can also help keep you interested and involved in your career.

Advanced Networking Potential

When attending master's degree classes in person or online, you will most certainly meet, or virtually meet, a variety of fellow educators and employers. Making these connections is a smart way to network in the field of education, and it can have numerous benefits after graduation.

Some graduates end up working at the colleges where they earn their degrees, and others might be able to hear about a new job opportunity from classmates.

Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

Finally, it is important to remember that some teaching professionals are ready to leave the classroom and choose another avenue in this field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both librarians and instructional coordinators require a minimum of a master's degree in order to find employment.

With average salaries of $55,370 and $60,050 per year, this could be an attractive option for some educators. Learn how you can earn you Master's Degree in Education online.