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Online Bachelor Degrees

Often regarded as a traditional college diploma, a Bachelor degree is usually conferred after four years (120 credits) of general coursework, various electives, and a unique specialization that is commonly called a "major."  Majors range anywhere from the hard sciences to liberal arts to visual/performing arts.

Online Bachelor Degrees

More Accessible Degree Offerings

Increasingly, many schools have begun offering online Bachelor degrees in order to make their course offerings more accessible to individuals who, because of time, money, or distance, might not be able to attend classes at a traditional campus.

In pursuing an online Bachelor degree, you don't need to commute.  Most course materials are archived online, so you can retrieve them at your leisure.  This also means that it is much easier to schedule classes at times that are convenient for you.  Given the unique anonymity that distance learning brings, you don't need to be "college age" in order to pursue online bachelor degrees.

Begin researching your options today to see how an online bachelor degree can benefit you.

Different Types of Online Bachelor Degrees

Although you can earn a bachelor degree in any number of fields, there are two basic kinds of diplomas.  One is a Bachelor of Arts (known either as a B.A. or an A.B.), and the other is a Bachelor of Science (B.S.).  There are also two lesser-known areas: Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and Bachelor of Legal Letters (L.L.B.).

Job Opportunities with a Bachelor Degree

In most industries, a bachelor degree is a fairly standard educational credential employers will expect.  This is especially true for occupations that require critical thinking, computer skills, and problem solving.  To prepare yourself to be competitive in today’s job market, a Bachelor degree gives you the advantage to pursue secure positions, salary increases, and promotions.