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Are You Ready For a Career in Business Labor Relations?

While there are many different careers available in the world of business, one that appeals to many individuals is labor relations. This is a broad and integral field, and one that has an incredible impact both on the way businesses are run and the way society functions.

If you are diplomatic, a great communicator and someone who enjoys being around others, then you might be the right fit for a career in business labor relations. Answer a few questions to determine whether you have the skills, drive, knowledge and training to succeed in the field.

Do You Understand the Field of Business Labor Relations?

The very first thing to consider when determining whether a person is right for this industry is to see how well they actually understand the industry and what goes on within. Essentially, labor relations is all about creating a safe and harmonious relationship between employers and employees that also abides by any legal or workplace regulations.

In business labor relations, key personnel work in large corporations or government agencies in order to handle any conflicts or potential conflicts that may arise. This could include the settling of pay disputes without going to court, or it could include enforcing new paid-leave requirements to ensure that the company is meeting changing laws.

On a day to day basis, the role of those in labor relations typically includes a lot of paperwork, conflict mediation, meeting with managerial staff or business owners, leading training for staff and staying informed about labor trends as well as any changing legal requirements for the workplace.

Do You Have the Natural Skills to Succeed?

In addition to the right education and experience, you should be someone who can stay calm in almost any situation. Being diplomatic isn't easy, but the role of a labor relations professional is often to handle disputes fairly -without getting emotional, angry or taking sides.

You should also be a great verbal communicator if you want to find success in the field of labor relations. A big part of the job description will be explaining benefits to new candidates, walking employers through labor changes and mediating conflicts verbally. For that reason, you should be comfortable talking with all types of people from all walks of life, and you shouldn't be nervous about being on the spot.

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Are You Comfortable With the Salary and Job Prospects?

A business labor relations specialist in the United States can expect to earn an average annual salary of anywhere from $54,000 to $76,000. Those new to their positions can expect to earn something on the lower end of the spectrum, while those with years of experience, a strong work ethic and an address in a city like New York or Chicago can expect to see the highest numbers.

The employment growth for those working in human resources, which includes business labor relations, is right around five percent each year. This just stays in line with population growth. Although huge increases in demand are unlikely, the number of positions available should grow along with the work force. This is good news for potential or current college students who are planning to find full-time work in the field after graduation.

Are There Work Opportunities in Your Area?

Business labor relations roles, which might include HR specialists, compensation managers, benefits experts or pension managers, can find work in just about every city throughout the country. Wherever there is a large company with upwards of 250 employees, there will likely be a need for at least one labor relations expert.

Can You Commit to Earning the Right Degree First?

Keep in mind that in order to begin a career in business labor relations, you will need to show employers that you have a related degree. The best choice might be a bachelor's degree in labor relations, employment relations or human resources. A master's degree is not a prerequisite for employment, but it can help those who want to secure the top positions in the industry.

If you answered yes to all of the questions posed above, you should explore your options to earn an online degree in business labor relations.