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In the world of technology, new advances are constantly being made across every aspect of the industry. What was once cutting edge may now be outdated, so staying in touch with all aspects of changing technology is vital.

For degree holders who already have an associate, bachelor's or master's degree in technology, earning a certificate can be a way to learn about something new, add to your qualifications and be eligible for a new promotion.

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Even if you don't hold an advanced degree, a technology certificate can mean you are eligible for new employment positions, and you won't need to attend college for several years first. Read on to learn a little more about technology certificates, what types are available, what kind of careers you can expect after graduation and why online studies are the smartest choice.

The Basics of a Technology Certificate

A typical online technology certificate will consist of 18 college credits, will take roughly one year to complete and covers a range of technology subjects. Although each course differs slightly depending on the institution that issues it, most will give either a general technology certificate or a specific subcategory thereof.

Students who choose to earn a certificate in technology will need to be over the age of 18 or have a parent's written permission, and they will also need to have a high school diploma or a general education degree.

Some schools will make exceptions based on work experience, age or dedication, but these stipulations differ from school to school. It is important to remember that certificates are different from associate or bachelor's degrees because they only consist of technology courses, and won't require any additional classes in history, math, literature or electives that are unrelated to the subject matter.

Types of Technology Certificates Available

Although general technology certificates are available through some colleges, most certificates will focus on one specific area, which better prepares students for a career after graduation. Some of the most popular technology certificates are in subjects like network maintenance, data organization, new media advances, communications technology, principles of web design or Java programming.

Having a specific certificate is a great idea for those students who already know what area of technology they want to work in. It is also ideal for degree holders who are not aware of specific new advances and need to quickly understand them in order to move forward in their existing positions.

Earning Your Certificates Online

Students who enroll in online technology certificate programs will have the ability to study from home, will have flexibility in their studies, can complete the course in any desired time period and will be able to hold down a full time job while studying. Commuting to a college campus for night classes might seem like a time-consuming and potentially expensive pursuit, but studying online is simple and flexible. Just log on to your computer whenever you have spare time and work your way to a better career from the comfort of home.

The Benefits of Earning an Technology Certificate

The major benefits of earning a certificate in technology include the short duration of the course, the affordability and the convenience. Instead of attending college for four years, you can complete a certificate in less than one year.

These online technology certificates will adequately prepare you for careers in information technology without requiring you to wait four or five years before you can begin your employment. In addition, affording one year of online schooling will be much cheaper than a full associate or bachelor's degree.

If you want to begin working in the technology industry in less than one year, then consider earning a technology certificate online.

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