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In large corporations, businesses and organization, there is a chain that links each step of production, sales and even marketing. For a book to be made, for example, the chain has to start with a manuscript, money needs to be sent to a printer, materials like paper and ink need to head to the same printing location, boxes need to be ready to ship the printed copies and marketing needs to be in place for a book release.

If just one link of the chain is forgotten, the whole production could fail.

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Although the book example is a very simplified version of the supply chain, most large businesses follow something similar that includes their resources, materials and eventual goals. Specifically trained individuals oversee these supply chains in order for a business to be successful.

Typical Subject Matter for a Supply Chain Management Degree

Although the subject matter and specific courses for a supply chain management degree will greatly differ depending on the level at which you are studying, all courses will include elements like operations research, planning, production control, leadership, communications, marketing and resource acquisition.

Essentially, you will learn about every step of the supply chain and how it affects a business. Whether you want to work in a large manufacturing company, a small private business or even a charitable organization, what you learn with this degree program will prepare you well.

Degrees Types in Supply Chain Management

Students who want a career in supply chain management can choose to pursue an associate degree, a bachelor's degree or a master's degree. Associate degrees will take just two years to complete and may prepare you for some entry level jobs, but most employers will be looking for candidates with a minimum of a bachelor's degree. However, having an associate degree means that you can begin working in the field as you continue towards earning your bachelor's degree.

A full bachelor's degree is a four year program that prepares you for most careers in the field of supply chain management, although you can't expect to earn a position in high level management without quite a few years of experience of a master's degree in the subject.

Career Prospects in Supply Chain Management

Earning a degree in supply chain management can lead to a number of different careers in fields like service, retail, manufacturing, government or even finance. The skills you learn through this degree are vital to any large business, so employers will always need skilled individuals who can oversee big operations, projects, marketing campaigns or political campaigns.

You might find a job as a buyer for a retail store, a commodity manager, an exporter or importer or even a liaison between suppliers and buyers. Entry level salaries for supply chain managers average around $65,000.

Attributes of a Successful Supply Chain Manager

To succeed as a supply chain manager for any kind of business, you will need to have a keen eye for details, be able to view the bigger picture, have the ability to make decisions quickly, work well with others and have great communication skills.

Earn Your Degree Online

At every degree level, whether an associate degree, a bachelors or a masters, students can choose to earn their credentials online instead of in a traditional college campus setting. At the masters level, online learning is incredibly helpful as it allows you to work full time while advancing your education. You can also save time by taking classes and even exams from the comfort of your home whenever it is most convenient.

Online supply chain management degrees are a great way to find a new career, increase your earning potential and get ahead in almost every industry.

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The Future Looks Bright for the Supply Chain Management Profession

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