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Online Social Science Education and Teaching Degrees

Prospective students interested in human society as well as education may meet all their education needs with an online social science education and teaching degree. By studying subjects ranging from history to economics to classroom management, graduates will be prepared to tackle exciting career opportunities in their preferred field.

Eligibility Requirements for this Degree

Anyone interested in pursuing an online degree in social science education and teaching will first need to ensure that they meet prerequisites for enrollment.

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Whether an interested individual wants to earn an associate degree or eventually move on to earn a master's, they will need to start by having a high school degree. Depending on the online college, applicants may also need to have a specific grade point average, which is typically on a 4.0 scale.

When filling out online applications, prospective students should be prepared to offer copies and originals of high school transcripts, SAT or ACT scores and any personal or educational references that may boost acceptance potential.

From a more logistical standpoint, students who wish to earn their degree online should also have access to a computer, a secure Internet connection, headphones or speakers and a printer.

Degree Types Available

There are three common degree types available for students who want to study social science education and teaching.

The associate degree is the least popular of the three. While it takes only two years to complete, on average, the associate degree is not widely available and won't prepare graduates for most teaching positions.

The most popular option is the four year bachelor's degree, which is made up of 120 credits and serves as the stepping stone to most school positions.

The master's degree is a more advanced option that can lead to lucrative and leadership roles in social science education.

Curriculum for Social Science Education and Teaching Degree Programs

Students who enroll into an online bachelor's degree can choose to major in social sciences and minor in education, or they can choose to combine the two into a double major program.

Either way, students can expect the curriculum to be made up of courses like world history, sociology, psychology, research methods, child development and classroom management.

The goal is to learn more about a variety of fields within the social sciences in order to best teach future students. 

Guidance for Online Studies

Earning a social science education degree can be challenging, but the opportunity to complete the program entirely online certainly makes it a lot more convenient for students with busy lives.

Students can choose from concurrent or non-concurrent programs depending on their goals for graduation and how much time they have each day or week to spend on reading and exam preparation.

Fortunately, there won't be any need for long commutes to campus, expensive parking or inflexible schedules when enrolled in a degree program at an accredited online college.

To work as a high school or middle school teacher covering subjects such as social studies, history or economics, an online social science education and teaching degree may be the perfect education choice.