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Working as a nursing is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying career. Nurses are the people who help patients as the first point of contact, help to make them comfortable when visiting a physician, may treat or diagnose minor illnesses or take vitals and draw blood before a visit. Overall, however, the most important work a nurse does is calming down patients and helping them to make their trip to the hospital, doctor or nursing home a more enjoyable and successful one.

If you are already a registered nurse but find yourself limited to a certain range of positions without any additional education, then you might be interested in a conversion course that turns an RN certification into a BSN, or bachelor's of nursing degree.

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Read on to learn more about the course, what nurses are candidates for this course, career options for graduates and why online education is the right fit for nurses.

Understanding the RN to BSN Degree Program

One of the most popular nursing degree programs available today is the conversion course that elevates an RN, or registered nurse, into someone with a bachelor's of science in nursing, or a BSN. Although it is possible to study a BSN and take four years to complete it, many registered nurses already know a lot of the material and should not have to repeat it.

Therefore, this course exists to help bridge the gap between the knowledge of an RN and the knowledge of a BSN degree holder. This course takes roughly one to two years to complete and better prepares students for advanced careers in nursing.

Candidates for this Type of Degree

In order to be eligible for this degree program, you should already be a registered nurse, have at least some work experience in the nursing field, have a specific grade point average from previous college courses and have written references attesting to your work and dedication to nursing. Admissions staff will typically check to make sure that you are a currently licensed registered nurse before considering your application.

Although it is not necessary in all cases, having a CLEP or AP exams results can improve your chances of getting into the nursing program you are most interested in. On the whole, candidates who are serious about pursuing careers in nursing should be patient, calm, have excellent communication skills and have a positive attitude when dealing with patients of all types.

Career Options and Prospects for Graduates

After you have successfully completed the course to earn your bachelor of science degree in nursing, or BSN, you will be eligible to pursue a number of different career options in nursing. Some of the most popular include working in nursing homes, in private practices, in amusement parks or sporting arenas and even in schools and summer camps.

Although some companies or organizations will hire either an RN or a BSN, they will nearly always prefer the BSN and offer them greater pay. Nurses with a bachelor's of science can typically earn over $65,000 annually.

Online Education for Nurses and Nursing Students

The biggest reason that nurses choose online education for their conversion courses to a BSN is simply because of the convenience and the flexible schedule. Working as a nurse might mean long days, night shifts and even regularly changing schedules that make attending traditional college classes and impossibility. Online courses can be completed whenever you have time, and students have the option of working through the curriculum at their own pace.

If you enjoy working as a registered nurse but want greater career opportunities and a higher salary, then consider an online conversion course to help you earn your bachelor's in nursing.