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Although healthcare is a large industry that consists of thousands of different aspects, many people still think of doctors and nurses as the only career options available. Public health is an area that deals less with patients in a clinical setting and more with the general health of whole populations or communities.

If you are the kind of person interested in medical research and you want a job that is challenging but satisfying, then a degree in public health could be the perfect fit. Keep reading to get a better idea of what public health really is, what kinds of careers you could obtain with a degree, why online education is a great choice for public health majors and what types of degrees are available.

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What is Public Health?

Public health is a dynamic and diverse field that focuses on improving the mental, physical and emotional health of individuals. Public health officials might spend time implementing policies that reduce workplace injuries, release an advertising campaign that encourages parents to get flu shots for their children, work with schools to create meal plans that reduce childhood obesity or even clean up parks and water sources to prevent infectious diseases from spreading.

Since the field is so varied, those working in public health can specialize in thousands of different areas of health care. Since implementing policies like required vaccinations for children or industrial workplace laws can be outside of the medical realm, public health also involves political and social issues that can affect the health and wellness of individuals.

What Kinds of Degrees in Public Health Are Available?

Those who want to pursue a degree in public health can choose to earn an associate, a bachelor's, a master's or even a doctoral degree. Although at the lower level many students choose to study general public health, there is also the option to pursue a specialized aspect such as child development, public health policies, health communication or public health in communities.

In order to pursue an undergraduate degree in public health, you will first need to have a high school diploma or a general education degree, ACT or SAT exam results and possibly even specific grades on your report cards from high school. In order to pursue a master's or a doctoral degree in public health, you will require a certain GRE score and a bachelor's degree in a related subject.

What Career Opportunities Will I Have After Graduation?

Graduating with a degree in public health will prepare you for countless career opportunities in many different arenas. You might work in health services administration, in a governmental regulation agency, in environmental health, teaching nutrition to adults, working closely with children or you could even work with a nonprofit organization that deals with public health policies and champions certain causes. This sort of work can be interesting and constantly changing, and you can really make a difference for the better in the lives of those around you.

Why Are Online Degrees Such a Popular Choice?

Many students who earn degrees in public health choose to take online degree programs as a way to save time, work through their degree program at their own speed, avoid long commutes each day and enjoy a more diverse range of degree options. Those living in rural areas may not have access to several universities offering public health programs, so online degrees allow them to study a great number of public health issues without having to relocate.

If you want to pursue a public health degree while still working full time, then the solution is an online degree offered through one of the many accredited online colleges.