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Quick Facts: Psychology Industry

Median Pay:   $114,296 per year | $55 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Doctoral or professional degree

Psychology Occupations:

  • Clinical, counseling, and school psychologists$68,900
  • Psychologists, all other$92,110
  • Psychiatrists$181,880

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Psychology is the study of the brain as well as human behavior. Psychologists study and observe human behavior and actions in individuals, groups, cultures and societies to better understand humans as a whole.

Some researchers will focus more on the brain functions that cause certain reactions or emotions like anger and love, while others will spend more time observing the emotional and social cues that encourage certain behaviors.

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Quick Fact
In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma*.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Psychology is a fascinating subject matter, and it is one of the top three most popular undergraduate majors in the United States. If you would like to study psychology and earn an online degree, keep reading to learn more about the field and potential careers.

Types of Psychology Degrees Available

There are psychology degrees available at every level of education, from the associate degree all the way up to the doctorate.

An associate degree is a two year program that will cover the basics of psychology as well as a range of other elective courses. It is important to note that while associate degrees in psychology are common through online institutes, there are few jobs in psychology that require only an associate degree. It is most often used as a stepping stone to a bachelor's degree, which is a four year program also offered online.

The bachelor's degree can be pursued in either science or arts depending on which area of psychology you are most interested in. A master's degree in psychology is the preferred qualification for those who want to work as practicing psychologists. The highest available degrees in the field of psychology are the Doctor of Psychology and the Ph.D. in Psychology.

Careers in Psychology

While many people choose to work as practicing psychologists with their psychology degrees, there are also many other options available. In fact, only 25 percent of those with bachelor's degrees in psychology will actually go on to work in the field. Many graduates turn to similar careers like counselors, rehabilitation experts, intervention specialists or psychiatric technicians.

Since a psychology degree is very well rounded and places an emphasis on communication skills, many graduates are able to transition into business careers in marketing, advertising, human resources and sales. Those with the highest degrees in the field of psychology often turn to full time research or even teaching depending on their area of expertise and abilities.

Attributes Necessary to Succeed in the Field

Those who are successful in the field of psychology tend to be critical thinkers, excellent communicators, strong readers and compassionate listeners. When dealing with patients or clients, psychologists will need to be understanding and caring. However, they also need to be thinking of ways to help individuals and apply learned principles to any situation. Having strong reading comprehension skills is important for those who plan to study at the higher level, where much of the coursework is advanced research papers with plenty of statistics, hypotheses and gathered data.

Benefits of Online Psychology Degrees

The advantages of studying psychology online instead of at a traditional brick and mortar campus are numerous. Online students will spend less time commuting each day, have the ability to progress through the course at their own pace, be able to communicate with teaching staff and fellow classmates online, will typically pay less than through a traditional college degree program and can actually study for their degree while working full time or taking care of family.

The field of psychology is a diverse and growing area of study. Whether you want to work as a practicing psychologist or just have an associate degree that will help you to find a stable entry level career, online degrees in psychology can be a great choice for students.

Through an online program, a degree in psychology can elevate you to greater career heights. Many professionals in human resources, social work, counseling, market research, advertising and sales rely on their psychology backgrounds to reach successful levels in their chosen careers.

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A Degree in Psychology Offers Many Career Paths That You May Not Be Aware Of

A Degree in Psychology Offers Many Career Paths That You May Not Be Aware Of

Whatever special area of psychology you choose to study, this is a vital field that requires well-trained, highly qualified individuals who are prepared to meet the requirements of the psychology environment with confidence and expertise. Accredited Colleges and Universities offer programs to fit specific needs of those pursuing degrees in psychology that will help them reach their goals as well as offer the convenience of online study from wherever you might be. Find out how you can pursue an online psychology degree today.


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