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Online Property Management Degrees

Property management, just as the name implies, is a job that involves overseeing and managing real estate owned by others.

At the most basic level, it could involve watching a residential property that sits empty for part of the year while the owners are away on an extended vacation.

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At the most advanced level, it could entail renting out dozens of office and retail spaces in a commercial space as well as negotiating contracts and handling the upkeep of the entire property.

Whether for commercial or residential real estate management, a college degree is a great start. Discover more about the property management degree, which level is right for your future, what kind of courses you can expect to take and more about your career opportunities after graduation.

Property Management Degree Levels

To learn more about the fundamentals of managing property, and to spend as little time as possible getting your college education, an associate degree in property management might be ideal.

While only suitable for basic, entry-level careers in the field, an associate degree takes just two years to complete and can be a solid building block to add more education or experience in the future.

The most in-demand property management degree is the bachelor's degree, which takes roughly four years to complete.

This is typically the best option for anyone who plans to enter the industry full-time immediately after graduation. In order to secure the highest-paying commercial property management positions, it may also be worth earning a master's degree.

This advanced graduate degree takes one to two years to earn, but it requires students to first have a completed bachelor's degree.

Typical Curriculum for a Property Management Degree

The exact curriculum for a property management degree will depend on where you attend college, your personal interests and what degree level you opt to pursue.

However, the objective will always be to help students market property, act as leaders, manage any problems that arise and learn how to communicate effectively with current and potential tenants.

To achieve these ends, expect to take courses such as leasing techniques, contract negotiations, tenant laws, economics of property management and tenant relationships.

Careers for Property Management Graduates

Along with the official title of property manager, graduates may go on to become complex administrators, building superintendents or retail supervisors.

Property management careers can help prepare you for careers with real estate firms, for apartment complexes, for gated subdivisions and even for private owners who rent out their properties to bring in income.

Choosing Between Online and Traditional Degrees

Students will get to choose between earning their property management degree from a traditional college campus or through an accredited online college.

Online degree programs let you create your own schedule and avoid the hassles that accompany commuting and parking on campus each day.

For a career in property management, a relevant degree can be the secret to your success. In addition, you'll want excellent communication skills and the desire to help others in order to succeed in this position.