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Despite the study of philosophy being one of the most interesting and fascinating studies available, many students are afraid that it won't adequately prepare them for a career after graduation. Thankfully, that could not be further from the truth.

While it may be true that few undergraduates who major in philosophy will go on to become published philosophers, that does not mean that the skills learned throughout the degree program won't help lead to career opportunities in the future.

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Students who pursue philosophy degrees will develop skills like the ability to think critically, the ability to convincingly present a case or a side of an argument and the ability to listen to all viewpoints and form an unbiased opinion. These valuable skills can lead to a number of employment positions in several different industries. Read on for some of the most popular careers for philosophy graduates.

Nonprofit Administrator

Many philosophy majors will go on to work in nonprofit organizations in an administrative capacity. This kind of career might involve writing press releases for the organization, seeking out donors for a charitable cause or even planning events for the organization.

Human Resources Manager

This type of career is the ideal fit for many philosophy graduates. Human resources managers will actively recruit new employees into a company and help to draft their contracts. This position might involve attending college job fairs, acting as the liaison between employees and management or ensuring that the workplace is a safe place for employment that meets health and safety guidelines.

Government Worker

There are a number of different government employment positions, such as a politician or a city planner, that can make great use of a philosophy qualification. Your written and verbal communication skills, as well as the ability to think creatively for new solutions to problems, can help you to make a difference in your community, state or even in the entire country.


As strong writers, philosophy students will naturally be suited for journalism careers. Many philosophy graduates go on to write newspaper pieces, magazine articles, technical writing for manufacturing companies, business contracts or even novels. Philosophers may even enjoy working on curriculum for college or high school philosophy classes.


One of the most popular careers for students who major in philosophy is teaching. With solid communication skills, a firm grasp of a variety of different subjects and excellent reading comprehension abilities, this field is a natural fit. While most teachers will go on to teach philosophy, there is also the option to teach related subjects like sociology, psychology or history.


A large portion of any philosophy curriculum will be reading, writing and learning how to craft perfectly written papers and essays. A firm grasp on the written language, when paired with excellent grammar, can be the perfect combination for a career in editing or even in publishing. In this field, you may edit novels, contracts, newspaper pieces, or you may oversee entire publications.


By learning to analyze all sides of an argument and understand different points of view, philosophy graduates will be the perfect fit for a mediator career. This career involves settling arguments, divorces or disputes between companies and unions.


Earning an undergraduate degree in philosophy is a common means of preparing for law school. The philosophy degree will help to improve your reading, writing and analysis skills so you can be ready to tackle the challenges of law school or any other advanced degree at the graduate level.

It is clear to see that with an online degree in philosophy through an accredited online college, graduates will be able to enjoy a variety of different careers.