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A common adage says that those who don't learn about history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of generations in the past. This could not be more true than when applied to military history. Studying the warfare of the past is a way to better understand the political and social climates around the world.

In order to create a more peaceful future for our generations and those that will come after us, it is important to study and learn from the mistakes and successes of leaders, governments and militaries before us.

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If you are very interested in military history and want to learn more about it, then read on to get a better idea of the degrees available in military history, some of the most popular subjects in the degree program, the benefits of earning your degree online and what kinds of careers are available for military history graduates.

Types of Military History Programs Available

Those students who want to pursue a degree in military history will be able to choose from the associate degree, the bachelor's degree and the master's degree. The associate degree is the shortest of the three and takes roughly two years to complete. This degree will prepare you for entry level careers in writing and researching.

The bachelor's degree in military history takes four years to complete and the master's degree will take an additional two years beyond that. However, those students who want to work as educators, military officers or researchers in the field should strongly consider the master's degree.

What You Might Study in Military History

Studying military history at any degree level will involve subjects like military theory, ethics of warfare, philosophies of war and battle, specific American battle histories and the study of global military history. Many students earning advanced degrees will choose to focus on one particular area of military history such as World War II or the American Civil War.

Students might learn to deconstruct individual battles and analyze why key players made the decisions that they did, or they might study the weapons used and see how much progress has been made in weapons development and technology over the last several centuries.

Why Online Learning is a Smart Choice for Students

For military history students, online learning is a great way to save time, hold down a full time job while earning a higher degree and avoid lengthy commutes to a traditional college campus. Since such a large part of the degree study is independent reading, writing and research, it is a program that is incredibly compatible with online learning. Lectures and classes can be watched live, or you can record them to watch later whenever you have time in your busy schedule. Without set classes or time consuming commutes to campus each day, you can make your dream of a degree in military history a reality.

Career Prospects for Military History Graduates

Students who study military history often go on to work for the military, become educators or work for the government at various levels. The military hires a number of strategists and advisers who contribute their opinions and expertise for future battles and military action, and military history students are often the perfect fit for this kind of career. Even if you do not want to work in the military field, a degree in military history will improve your reading comprehension and writing ability to make you a great candidate for a career in research, education or even business.

An online degree in military history can be the perfect way to pursue your interests and find the career of your dreams.

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