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There are countless reasons why you might be interested in pursuing an online degree like a master's in education. If you enjoy working in educational environments, you want to increase your earning potential or you want a guarantee yourself a promotion, then a master's degree can help you to achieve your goals.

There are several different types of master's degrees in education which individuals can pursue. In order to be eligible for any of them, students must first have a bachelor's degree in a specific academic subject or in general education.

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In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma*.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Read on to learn a little more about the most popular degree types available for those who want to pursue a master's in education online.

Online Master's In Learning Technologies

This advanced two year degree will help students to better understand new technologies, how to use them in a classroom and how to help students take advantage of new technological advances in their educational pursuits. Students can take this course online part time or full time depending on their schedule.

While the curriculum will change slightly from college to college, most degree program include classes where students learn to use new technology like computers, tablets, smartphones, projectors and more. New advances mean that each of these devices has a use right in the classroom, and many new ways of helping students study are being developed. Graduates might simply apply what they have learned to their individual classrooms, or they can serve as technology trainers within a city, state or school district.

Online Master's in Mathematics Teaching and Learning

If you want to teach mathematics at any level from kindergarten to university, having this degree is a great place to start. This two year master's degree will help to refresh your memory on a range of different mathematical subjects such as trigonometry, algebra and calculus. More importantly, it will teach you effective ways to teach math to students of all ages. These courses can help make the difference between a confused classroom and an engaged and informed group of students.

Online Master's in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum: Teacher Certification Track

Most states require that their teachers earn a master's in education before they can become official members of staff. After receiving a bachelor's degree in education, some students can find employment but only on the condition that they begin pursuing their master's while teaching. Since attending a traditional college campus while teaching at a school can be overwhelming, most students turn to online master of education degrees instead. Students have the option of choosing an age group to specialize in, which is typically limited to elementary school, secondary school or higher education.

Online Master's in Global and International Education

A master's in global and international education can be incredibly helpful for students who wish to work abroad after graduation, but it is also very helpful if you simply want to work in diverse areas within the United States. This two year degree program prepares students to educate individuals from a range of different diverse backgrounds, cultural identities and nationalities.

If you have the desire to earn high salaries teaching in international schools around the world, then this degree will adequately prepare you. You will learn how best to educate children and adults with a different world view from your own, and may even cover communication in different languages. Some graduates even go to on to work in multinational corporations to train employees to be more culturally sensitive when working abroad.

If you want to earn a higher salary, gain a promotion or begin working in a new field, then consider an online master's degree in education.

Earn a degree that makes an immediate impact on your career. Find out how you can begin today to pave the way for career advancement by taking your degree to the next level. Accredited Online Colleges and Universities provide the programs that fit your busy professional lifestyle while allowing you to reach your educational and professional goals.

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