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Quick Facts: Marketing Industry

Median Pay: $111,503 per year | $54 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree

Marketing Occupations:

  • Marketing managers$127,130
  • Advertising and promotions managers$96,720
  • Sales managers$110,660

Online Marketing Degrees

Every business, organization, political party or charity that sells goods or services, manufactures products, wants public support or needs monetary donations has some form of marketing campaign. Marketing is a broad term that can refer to everything from commercials and magazine advertisements to consumer behavior studies and market research.

As long as there continues to be companies who need to make money, there will also be a demand for those with marketing skills.

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Northcentral University was founded in 1996 to provide working professionals around the world with unprecedented access to richly engaging, professionally-relevant, and academically-rigorous education from a U.S. university. As a regionally accredited, private, online and graduate-focused university, NCU offers doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business and technology management, education, and psychology, as well as doctoral and master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy. NCU utilizes a one-to-one learning model—one student is paired with a professor in each course—to create a more personalized, individual experience for students enhanced by their professors’ real-world experience. NCU professors all hold doctoral degrees, and none of our programs have residency requirements, allowing access to students no matter where they live. Additionally, with the exception of the Department of Marriage and Family Sciences, within the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, all of NCU’s programs are delivered 100% online.
Founded in 1889, Saint Leo University offers one of the largest online undergraduate degree programs and was recently named a "Leading Southern University" by U.S. News and World Report. Saint Leo is also proud to be a leading participant in eArmyU.
Seton Hall's excellent academic programs will give you the leadership qualities you need to succeed in a global marketplace. We prepare students mentally, physically and spiritually to be leaders and caring citizens, both in and out of the workplace.
Whether online, evening or on campus, GCU has you covered in the pursuit of higher learning. You’re only a few questions away from learning what it takes to become a Lope.
Messiah University is a nationally ranked, private Christian university with a student body of 3,370 undergraduate and graduate students. Our scenic 471-acre suburban campus is located in central Pennsylvania, just 12 miles from the state capital of Harrisburg. The University was founded in 1909 by the Brethren in Christ Church. Today, the University’s faith base is broadly evangelical and includes students and employees from a variety of denominations and Christian faith traditions.Messiah University is an educational community profoundly committed to worshipping, loving and serving God. The University’s motto, “Christ Preeminent,” points to our community’s full, rich shared understanding of Jesus Christ and how the Christian faith is relevant to every dimension of life. At Messiah we’re committed to personal faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sin and to pursuing the exemplary nature of Christ's life as a model for our own lives. This common Christian conviction shapes every aspect of students’ experiences in the Messiah community.
Walden is distinguished by high academic standards, experienced faculty, and a rigorous curriculum. Our advanced degrees are intended to advance the quality of life not just for the Walden graduate, but for everyone he or she encounters.
Since 1965 Colorado Technical University has been proud to educate career focused students to advance their education and help achieve their goals. CTU’s commitment to provide innovative, real-world learning to students within Colorado, the military, across the U.S. and overseas has never wavered.   Commitment to innovation and online education In 1995, we introduced our online school and took our commitment to educating career-focused adults into homes coast to coast and continent to continent. Our online school reached far and wide—from U.S. military personnel stationed at bases overseas to students in China aspiring to enrich their education. We are proud to provide effective, industry-leading online and virtual learning options for our students.
Serious about success? With your busy schedule and the desire to move your career forward, at AIU, the Serious U™,  you can earn an accredited associate, bachelors or master’s degree at a pace that works for you anywhere, anytime, 24/7. American InterContinental University® is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. To contact the Higher Learning Commission please visit
The Secret to Getting Ahead Is Getting Started Congratulations! Your interest in Independence University – Utah Campus is an important first step toward changing your life. A career-focused degree is the key to a new career with a potentially higher income, better benefits, and more satisfaction. Independence University – Utah CampusYou know the positive difference a college degree could make in your life, but you may feel that going to college is out of reach. We want to change that! At IU – Utah Campus, we have career-focused degree programs that could help you launch a career. Associate’s degree programs can be completed in as few as 19 months, and Bachelor’s in as few as 36 months—faster than the typical 2 years and 4 years it takes at some traditional colleges. We even provide you with a new laptop to use in school and keep when you graduate. Whether you’re fresh out of high school or already established in your career, IU – Utah Campus provides career-focused degree programs to help you achieve your dreams.
At Southern New Hampshire University, there are no limits to what students can achieve. With a culture that inspires every person every day to do more and learn more, the university is dedicated to helping students realize their goals. Upcoming Start Dates: Undergraduate:January 7, 2019Graduate:December 17, 2018

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Since marketing is such a vast subject, many marketing degrees focus on specific areas like market research, public relations, advertising and brand management. Let’s explore this additional information on each of these online marketing degrees and what you can expect from them.

Online Marketing Degrees in Advertising

Advertising is the branch of marketing that directly contacts and interacts with consumers, clients and customers. Pursuing a degree in advertising means that you will study various types of marketing, including commercials, billboards, press releases and more. Those who work in the field of advertising typically work on large campaigns and are involved with every step from creating an idea to executing that idea and then tracking the success of the campaign.

Advertising should appeal most to those individuals who want to work in business but have a flair for creativity and design. An online bachelor's degree in advertising is the best choice for those who want to find a steady career in the field of marketing.

Online Degrees in Brand Management

Brand management may work on specific marketing techniques and advertising campaigns, but they are far more focused on the big picture. A brand manager is someone who decides on the overall brand vision and tries to communicate that to employees and customers alike.

This might involve creating logos that are easily recognizable, tying the company's name to philanthropic efforts or creating a distinct atmosphere for a specific product or service. Brand management is a specific marketing degree that can be earned online. If you want to take a leadership approach to marketing, then brand management may be the right role for you.

Online Degrees in Public Relations

The public relations committee of a company, an organization or a political party is essentially the mouthpiece of the organization. Everything that the company says or does goes through the public relations team in order to ensure that it meets the standards and policies of the brand and the business.

Public relations is an exciting and challenging field that many young people are excited to pursue. If you have great communications skills, then public relations may be the right fit. Although associate degrees are available in public relations, most positions in the field require a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

Online Degrees in Market Research

Market research is required in order to ensure that your advertising and marketing campaigns are reaching the right demographic. Even the best commercials and print ads won't be effective unless they are being viewed by potential customers who can purchase your products. Market research might include studying data from polls and surveys, holding test sessions to find out the appeal of certain products and services, reviewing the purchasing habits of various demographics and even dealing directly with potential customers.

Ideally, those who work in market research will have a bachelor's degree in marketing and a background in mathematics or statistics. Although it is a business related major, much of the work involves crunching numbers and comparing numeric studies.

Earning your marketing degree online is the ultimate solution for those who want to work as they study, save money on tuition and avoid lengthy daily commutes to a traditional brick and mortar campus.

Areas of specific interest in the field of marketing include International marketing - finding new ways to sell products in foreign markets; marketing management - leading marketing teams; and marketing research - surveying the public to learn what consumers want. Whatever particular area of interest one might have in marketing, there is an online program offering exactly the area in which you are most interested. Explore your opportunities in online marketing degrees available through these accredited online colleges and universities.