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Each year in America, more than 46,000 students pursue a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and sciences. This diverse and interesting degree is multidisciplinary, meaning that it encompasses more than just one subject.

The degree itself has a bad reputation for not adequately preparing students for careers after graduation. After careful study, however, that simply is not the case. Earning an undergraduate degree in any subject will undoubtedly increase a person's odds of finding a stable and satisfying career.

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A degree in liberal arts and sciences can be a great way to learn more about a range of different subjects and careers, will increase your communication skills and can be very useful for employers. Read on for information about what courses you might take when earning a degree in liberal arts and sciences, what kinds of careers are common for graduates, what the prerequisites for this degree are and whether or not it is possible to purse a degree in liberal arts and sciences entirely online.

Typical Curriculum For a Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences

A typical bachelor's degree in liberal arts and science will consist of 120 credits and roughly 40 different classes taken over a four year period. While the beauty of a degree in liberal arts and sciences is that the curriculum can be individual for each student, most will take subjects like history, geography, political science, economics, foreign languages, psychology, writing, ecology, geology or anthropology. Many students will purposefully pick one or two courses from each general field in order to get a taste of every study, but some others prefer to focus in one those subjects that interest them most.

Common Careers for Graduates With This Degree

Unlike some professional degrees, graduates that hold a degree in liberal arts and studies do not all go into one specific career path. Some graduates will decide to work in the field of education, either as teacher or as administrative staff for colleges and vocational training schools. Other career possibilities include writers, administrative staff, entry level business staff, consultants, market researchers or social workers and counselors. The skills learned in this degree are diverse, creating well-rounded graduates who can think creatively and solve abstract problems in nearly any industry.

Requirements for Applicants and Potential Students

Before you apply for a degree in liberal arts and sciences, be sure that you meet all the degree prerequisites. Most schools require that applicants have a high school diploma or a general education degree, are over the age of 18 at the time of enrollment or have express parental permission, have SAT or ACT scores that meet the school's requirements and can meet the testing guidelines in both math and writing. When applying for enrollment, some students will also need to submit written references or even an essay detailing why this degree major interests them personally.

Pursuing Your Liberal Arts and Sciences Degree Online

Many students who plan to earn their associate or bachelor's degree in liberal arts and sciences decide to do so online in order to increase the flexibility of their schedule, avoid long commutes and enjoy the comfort of studying from home. Instead of being required to attend lectures in a traditional classroom, students who study online are able to read texts, join online class discussions and even complete their exams from the couch or a local coffee shop. As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can begin advancing your education today.

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With the flexibility offered by online degrees in liberal arts from accredited online colleges and universities, you can prepare for a successful career in many different areas while maintaining your current responsibilities.