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Although learning a foreign language is a requirement in many high schools across the country, most students graduate without a real understanding of another country's language and culture. If you are interested in completely learning about a new language, people group, cuisine, heritage and culture, then the best thing to do is focus exclusively on that language as much as possible.

A degree in a foreign language will let you do just that, and can be incredibly enjoyable for some individuals. Whether you are interested in studying German, French, Arabic or Japanese, earning a foreign language degree can also help you to find a number of different career options.

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Here are some of the most popular employment opportunities for graduates who hold a language degree.

Foreign Language Teachers

One of the most popular careers for graduates who hold a degree in language is as a foreign language teacher. These teachers might work in public elementary schools, in private high schools, in community colleges or even as private language instructors. As modern telecommunications capabilities make the world smaller than ever, it is necessary for an increasing number of individuals to learn foreign languages. This kind of work can be incredibly satisfying and very enjoyable.

Many foreign language teachers might even teach English to students in foreign countries, and they can use their foreign language experience to communicate more effectively with students of all ages and all nationalities. In Asian and Middle Eastern countries, especially, there is a large demand for language teachers at any level.

International Business Executives

Having the ability to speak a foreign language fluently is a great asset when it comes to international business. If you speak German, for example, you might work with suppliers in Germany, help an American company create German marketing campaigns or lead social media campaigns in German. Even when dealing with international business contacts who speak English, having the ability to transition back into their native tongue when necessary will allow them to respect you more and have a greater desire to work with you, which is helpful for the company you might represent. Many international business are eager to hire fluent foreign language speakers.


Translating is the act of changing written words from one language into another. Foreign language graduates are the perfect people to take on these positions, as they are able to speak more than one language fluently. You might work on employment contracts for large international businesses, you could translate software instructions from one language to another as new products become available in international markets or you might even translate a novel or a newspaper article online.


Just as translators work with written communication mediums, interpreters work to verbally translate one language into another. Translators are necessary for international business meetings, international political events and for travelers who are enjoying a luxury vacation in a new destination. Interpreters enjoy flexible work and plenty of travel, but many are forced to work freelance jobs if there is no market for their particular foreign language.

Government Agencies

Many foreign language speakers and graduates are able to find work within government agencies like the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency. They might be required for gathering intelligence in a foreign country, speaking to international citizens or to help understand the political and culture landscape of a different nation. This kind of work can be challenging but exciting, and many foreign language speakers can find employment in this field.

With so many opportunities for careers after graduation, earning an online degree in language is a great idea. See the website of an accredited online college to learn more about online degree programs in this field.

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