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In crime scene forensics, medical testing and a range of other fields, laboratory science technicians and technologists are responsible for analyzing various solutions and liquids in order to determine their origin or any abnormalities.

The work can be incredibly interesting for the right candidate who also holds a suitable degree in a related field.

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In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma*.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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If you are thinking seriously about a career in laboratory science, answer these questions to determine whether an online bachelor's degree in laboratory science is the right move.

Are You Prepared to Earn a Laboratory Science Degree?

The first question to ask yourself is whether you are prepared to earn a four-year degree like the bachelor's in laboratory science. Even if you opt to study online, you will still need to devote a substantial number of hours each week for anywhere from three to five years until you have completed the degree.

In addition, you should be prepared when it comes to the prerequisites for degree admission. Most colleges will require applicants in this field to have a grade point average above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale as well as transcripts that include several advanced math and science courses.

Do You Know What the Degree Program Entails?

Before enrolling into an online or traditional degree program in the field of laboratory science, it is vital that you fully understand what will be expected of you. A bachelor's degree may be made up of roughly 120 credits, which are divided over eight semesters.

You may have the option of picking some elective courses in your field as well as some general education subjects in things like math, history or a foreign language. However, the bulk of your degree will consist of integral subjects to laboratory science such as biochemistry, immunology, serology, biology, chemistry and laboratory safety and hygiene.

Are You Aware of the Career Potential After Graduation?

If laboratory science appeals to you as a major, make sure that you know all about the careers available to graduates after the degree is completed. Many graduates with a bachelor's in laboratory science go on to work as medical laboratory technologists, clinical chemical technologists, laboratory technicians and medical laboratory scientists.

Do You Have a Busy Schedule and Access to a Computer?

Those who are interested in an online degree will need to have the right tools at their disposal. Busy students with access to a computer and a secure Internet connection are the perfect candidates to earn a bachelor's degree in laboratory science from an accredited online college.

This will also help you avoid the hassle of parking, commuting or attending classes and seminars at inconvenient times.

If your answers to the above questions are all yes, then an online bachelor's degree in laboratory science might be ideal for you.