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Advertising can refer to many different things. Some mediums, like magazine advertisements or television commercials, are effective but not necessarily innovative. In a world of rapidly changing technology, new and more exciting mediums are developing. Not only are the mediums themselves changing, but the role of media as a whole is evolving.

In order to find a challenging and creative career in this field, a degree in interactive media design is a great place to start.

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The University of Delaware prides itself on being at the forefront of research and innovation. With roots tracing back to 1743, UD has remained one of the nation’s leading research universities. A state-assisted land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant university, UD is actively engaged in the critical needs of our state, our nation and the global community as a whole. - - -
The Los Angeles Film School, located in the heart of Hollywood, has served the community and its students since 1999. This accredited, VA-approved institution offers entertainment-focused Bachelor of Science degrees in Animation, Audio Production, Digital Filmmaking, Entertainment Business, Film Production, Graphic Design, Media Communications and Writing for Film & TV; and Associate of Science degrees in Audio Production, Music Production, and Film. The campus facilities include the historic RCA Building at 6363 Sunset Boulevard and the studios at 6690 Sunset Boulevard, where students have access to industry-standard equipment, editing labs, dub stages and recording studios. The school's faculty of industry professionals have earned credits on a number of major motion pictures, video games and music recordings. Numerous alumni have received awards at film festivals worldwide, engineered multi-platinum selling albums, and some credits include GRAMMY® and Oscar® nominations and awards.
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If you are naturally creative and feel comfortable using a range of computer programs and software applications, then you could be a natural fit in this field. Read on for information about the typical curriculum for a degree in interactive media design, what types of degrees are available, what careers graduates can choose from, what it takes to succeed in the field and why an online degree can be a wise choice.

Typical Curriculum For Degrees in Interactive Media Design

Although it is important to keep in mind that every college and degree program will differ in their curriculum and course offerings, students should expect to learn how to use modern technology to engage and interact with viewers and consumers. Some of the typical courses for a degree in interactive media might include visual communication, multimedia design, the ethics of mass media, web interactivity, typography and even flash animation. Depending on the type of degree you pursue, you may also be able to choose a specific area of concentration for your degree.

Types of Degrees Available

The three most common types of degrees available for students interested in interactive media design are the associate degree, the bachelor's degree and the master's degree. The shortest of all three is the associate degree, which will take just two years to complete and will prepare graduates for entry-level careers in the field.

A bachelor's degree is a solid choice for an undergraduate option, takes an average of four years to complete and will open up the door to most career opportunities in the field. A master's degree, while it first requires an undergraduate degree, takes just two years to complete and can secure graduates the top jobs in interactive media design.

Careers for Graduates to Choose From

After graduating with a degree in interactive media design, you can choose from a number of interesting and creative careers. With design skills, communication skills and plenty of creativity, graduates often become video game developers, advertising executives, animators, interactive media consultants, graphic designers or social media coordinators. As the number of companies trying to advertise to a mobile world only increases, it is safe to say that job opportunities in the field will continue to rise.

What it Takes to Succeed in the World of Interactive Media Design

In order to become a successful employee in the world of interactive media design, you will have to have the right education or qualifications, plenty of experience in the industry, the willingness to work long house if a project deadline is looming and creativity. Having background knowledge in computing, programming, or using art software will also be helpful.

Why an Online Degree is a Smart Choice

Deciding to pursue your interactive media design degree online is a smart choice for many reasons. Students will enjoy greater flexibility, less time spent in a car or on public transport to get to class, greater levels of communication with classmates and teaching staff and the option of studying from home if desired.

One of the newest and most exciting fields of advertising is interactive media design. Consider pursuing your degree online in order to be eligible for many of the great careers.

Discover the advantages of online learning. You can earn the degree you want and continue to maintain your current responsibilities. Today's online education is designed to give you the flexibility and convenience necessary to keep your life going while advancing your education and career opportunities.

Find the program that's right for you and get started today.

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