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Quick Facts: Human Resources Industry

Median Pay: $87,376 per year | $42 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree

Human Resources Occupations:

  • Human resources managers$102,780
  • Training and development managers$101,930
  • Human resources specialists$57,420

Online Human Resources Degrees

Human resources is a vital part of every large corporation, business, charity and governmental organization. If there are employees and employers, there will need to be a liaison that helps the two parties to better understand one another, get along well, deal with any problems that crop up and increase productivity and happiness in the workplace.

Since it is such an important aspect of any business, there will continue to be a growing demand for human resources personnel in every field.

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At King University, we offer over 15 comprehensive, online degrees and concentrations in diverse fields. Experience a Christian place of the mind with our Presbyterian-affiliated approach. We are known for consistently receiving national recognition for our accelerated programs, affordable tuition, and year-round enrollment.
The American University is a private United Methodist-affiliated research university in Washington, D.C., United States; its main campus is located near Ward Circle in the northwest portion of the District of Columbia.
A leading, private, Catholic liberal arts university in the Midwest committed to academic excellence, social justice and service.
The University of Scranton has grounded its education in Catholic and Jesuit principles based on intellectual growth and integrity, all of which shape the online master’s and certificate programs. You can choose one of six degree programs from a selective institution ranked among the top 10 master’s universities in the North by U.S. News & World Report.
We are known for helping students make the connection between classroom lessons and real life through hands-on activities such as internships, service learning, and meaningful projects. Learn more about how Lasell can connect you to your unique future.
Walden is distinguished by high academic standards, experienced faculty, and a rigorous curriculum. Our advanced degrees are intended to advance the quality of life not just for the Walden graduate, but for everyone he or she encounters.
Point Park expansion has transformed several blocks in the University's downtown Pittsburgh location into an Academic Village.
Colorado State University Global Campus is committed to nontraditional student success through high quality, career-relevant, affordable education. CSU Global was created by the Colorado State University System Board of Governors in 2007 as the first and only 100% online, independent, regionally accredited public university in the United States. CSU Global is focused on facilitating adult success in a global marketplace through career-relevant education including bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and accelerated Certificates of Completion. Embracing the land grant heritage as part of the Colorado State University System, CSU Global sets the standard for quality and innovation in higher education through its expert faculty trained in working with adults in an online learning environment, and through its dedication to student retention, graduation and workplace success.
Northcentral University was founded in 1996 to provide working professionals around the world with unprecedented access to richly engaging, professionally-relevant, and academically-rigorous education from a U.S. university. As a regionally accredited, private, online and graduate-focused university, NCU offers doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business and technology management, education, and psychology, as well as doctoral and master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy. NCU utilizes a one-to-one learning model—one student is paired with a professor in each course—to create a more personalized, individual experience for students enhanced by their professors’ real-world experience. NCU professors all hold doctoral degrees, and none of our programs have residency requirements, allowing access to students no matter where they live. Additionally, with the exception of the Department of Marriage and Family Sciences, within the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, all of NCU’s programs are delivered 100% online.
CU is a private, comprehensive, coeducational university with a strong liberal arts component. The university stresses academic excellence grounded in the liberal arts, personal growth, integrity, and fellowship within a caring environment.

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Whether you want to work in healthcare, politics, the legal world or business, a degree in human resources can help land you a stable and lucrative position. Keep reading for everything you need to know about degrees in human resources.

Choosing a Degree Type in the Field of Human Resources

Those who want to earn a degree in human resources will need to choose between an associate degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and even a doctorate. It is important to note that human resources jobs almost always require some kind of certification or degree, even for entry level positions.

If you want to begin working in the field as soon as possible, an associate degree in human resources can be earned in as little as 18 months online. Bachelor's degrees will take four years on average to complete, and master's degrees an additional two years. Remember that many of these online degrees can be earned as you work, allowing you to advance your career on all fronts.

Sample Online Human Resources Degree Course Curriculum

Every human resources degree will differ slightly depending on the college or university you attend and the degree level you are pursuing. However, most human resources degrees will focus on the same few areas of study.

You will typically study such subjects as communications, advanced writing, human psychology, basic business policies, union studies and labor laws. Essentially, you will need to understand what employees can expect from a safe workplace as well as what employers can expect from hardworking staff.

Certain human resources degrees at the advanced level will have a specific focus to enable them to better work in areas like healthcare, business, politics or even law.

Reasons to Choose Online Programs To Earn Your College Degree

Once students have decided to pursue a degree in human resources, they will need to select between a traditional college campus and an online university. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both, most individuals agree that online studies are the more flexible, convenient and affordable option.

Rather than commuting daily to a brick and mortar campus and spending money on gas, you can study from anywhere in the world that has a computer and an Internet connection. In addition, the costs of online degrees can often be less expensive than traditional college degrees. This is because online colleges don't have as many upkeep costs, landscaping expenses and staff salaries as traditional colleges do, so students can reap the benefits of lower tuition costs overall.

Attributes of Successful Human Resources Leaders

The most prominent and successful leaders in the field of human resources have excellent communication skills, are very diplomatic, are hard working and can get along well with many different types of people. Since you will need to clearly express the needs of staff and employers to one another, it is vital that you can communicate well in writing as well as verbally. Diplomacy is also important as that will keep different groups from getting upset, quitting or not being satisfied with the work environment.

Human resources is a growing field that can never be replaced by machinery or outsourced. Online human resources degrees can prepare you for a career in this exciting industry.

Earn a degree that makes an immediate impact on your career. Find out how you can begin today to pave the way for career advancement by earning your degree online. Accredited Online Colleges and Universities provide the programs that fit your busy professional lifestyle while allowing you to reach your career and educational goals.

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Discover Great Possibilities in Human Resources Careers

Discover Great Possibilities in Human Resources Careers

Behind every successful business or organization is an efficient human resources department. Taking care of employees is the best way to increase job retention and decrease turnover. If you're a people person with quality communications skills, there are a vast number of job opportunities in human resources for you to consider.