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Quick Facts: Healthcare Administration Industry

Median Pay:   $92,810 per year | $45 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree

Healthcare Administration Occupations:

  • Medical and health services managers$92,810

Online Health Care Administration Degrees

In every hospital, nursing home and private practice, there are a number of staff who contribute to the overall efficiency of the establishment but don't necessarily hold medical degrees. Although the doctors and nurses who work in these locations are vital, they could not do their jobs without the help of the healthcare administration staff.

If you want to work in the growing medical field, enjoy dealing with lots of different people throughout the day and want to feel challenged and rewarded in your career, consider pursuing healthcare administration with an online degree.

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Quick Fact
In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma*.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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This guide details the types of degrees you can earn, why you should consider online learning and what careers are available in the field.

Understand the Field of Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administration is the industry that oversees, manages and leads healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and medical offices.

The specific duties of healthcare administrators will vary drastically depending on the job description and setting, but most people can expect to organize staff schedules, deal with client payments, organize visiting hours, lead human resources departments or do any of the behind the scenes jobs that keep a medical facility running each day.

Types of Degrees in Healthcare Administration

Students can choose to earn healthcare administration degrees at the associate, bachelor's or master's level. An associate degree can be earned online in roughly two years, and graduates will be able to take on entry level positions with stability and impressive benefits in the healthcare industry.

A bachelor's degree will take four years to complete, but better prepares individuals for management positions in the field. Most large hospitals require that their healthcare administration leaders have master's degrees, which take an additional two years to complete and require a bachelor's degree in a similar field.

Possible Careers in the Healthcare Industry

There is no end to the types of careers you can pursue with a degree in healthcare administration. Some of the most popular include working in the financial department of a hospital, directing the patient care services department, managing a small doctor's office or overseeing the nursing staff in a rehabilitation center. Careers in healthcare administration are often very lucrative and have the potential for raises and advancements every few years. These careers are also satisfying, challenging and rewarding.

Attributes of a Successful Healthcare Administrator

Successful healthcare administrators are typically detail oriented, patient, organized, focused and happy to work outside of their job descriptions. In some cases, managing a certain area or department means overseeing the tasks and staff while also picking up the slack when it is necessary.

Healthcare administrators should have a keen eye for details and be able to recognize problems with insurance claims, patient records or staff schedules in just an instant. If you have a friendly disposition but can still work quietly in an office setting, then working as a healthcare administrator might be ideal for you.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree Online

The benefits of online healthcare administration degrees include convenience, flexibility, low tuition fees, easy staff communication and diverse course program offerings. Since students can pursue their healthcare administration degrees at any speed or pace, they will have a tailored program that fits around their work schedules or family obligations.

In addition, the teaching staff is available online for questions, homework help, exam preparation and study guides when necessary. This type of communication system is a big improvement over the large lecture halls and limited office hours at a traditional university.

A healthcare administration degree is a great way to find a new career in the field, increase your salary, gain a promotion and earn the respect of your peers in the workplace.

There are also variations on these basic masters level degrees. MBA programs tend to provide a general management core followed by courses specializing in health care. MHA and MHSA programs tend to provide health care content throughout the program. MPH programs tend to include courses predominantly in the public sector orientation.

Healthcare Administration degrees are available online on the associate and bachelor levels as well. The career possibilities in the field of health care administration abound and will only continue to expand in the future.

When considering a degree in health care administration, it is a good idea to consider the type of organization in which you would like to work and investigate which degree type will best prepare you for that segment of the health care environment. Health care degree programs have different emphases and patterns of graduate placement with respect to health care delivery organizations, consulting, public service, and other areas within the health sector. You should investigate specific programs to determine which will best prepare you for your desired career track.