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When it comes to earning a degree, some people have their minds made up on what to study. If you have always wanted to learn more about the past, you might study history. If you want to work in a hospital, you might earn a nursing degree. However, if you aren't sure what you want to do for a living, you might be putting off your education.

Doing so will only make it less likely that you ever earn a degree. A better idea is to pursue a general studies degree, which allows you to learn a little about a range of subjects and will give you the freedom you need for your future career.

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Here are some of the types of general education degree available, what your curriculum might look like, what kinds of careers you can pursue after graduation and why online education is a smart choice for those majoring in general studies.

Available Degrees in General Education

If you wish to pursue general education as your major, you will have the option of earning an associate degree or a bachelor's degree. An associate degree is a two-year program that consists of roughly 60 credits, while a bachelor's degrees takes four years to complete and consists of roughly 120 credits. While an associate degree may find you some entry-level positions in a number of different industries, a bachelor's degree could be the perfect choice for your career goals.

Reasons to Pursue General Studies

There are several reasons why a student might choose to earn a general studies degree rather than a specific course subject or major. Some of these include the ability to have flexibility to find work in many different industries, because students plan to attend graduate school and don't need to have a specific major or just because they are interested in many different subjects and want to take a few classes in each. There are many students who enjoy this type of study and find that it suits them better than four years of the same course material or subject matter in every class.

What You Can Expect Your Curriculum to Look Like

Since this kind of degree is quite different from most, you can expect the curriculum to be slightly different. However, most degrees at the bachelor's level will still require 120 credits and general education requirements in classes like science, math and communications. Beyond that, students are allowed to sign up for any classes that interest them most. That could be sociology, psychology, American history, a foreign language or anything else that seems appealing or could help your future career.

Potential Careers to Pursue After Graduation

After graduating with a degree focused on general studies, students often turn to work in the fields of business or administration. Typically, it is easiest to find a job in an industry where education is important but specific practical knowledge can be learned on the job. The skills that you will bring to the table as a graduate include the ability to write well, think critically and communicate excellently.

Advantages of Online Learning

Choosing to earn your degree online can mean you are able to work full time while advancing your education, gives you flexibility when it comes to class schedules and makes it easier than ever to study from the comfort of home. Rather than racing around town to get to a college campus for a scheduled class, simply head home and work from any computer at any time.

By earning an online degree in general studies from an accredited online college, you will expand your horizons and open yourself up to a number of great career opportunities in the future.

Discover the advantages of online learning. You can earn the degree you want and continue to maintain your current professional responsibilities. Today's online education is designed to give you the flexibility and convenience necessary to keep your life going while advancing your education and career opportunities.