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If you love playing video games and want to turn that hobby into a real career, then you may need to earn some qualifications that prove your knowledge on the subject. There are many different aspects to creating video games, and talented individuals are required for every step of development, illustration, audio recording, editing, testing and marketing the final product.

At every point of production and sale, employees should have a working understanding of video games and a familiarity with a number of different products.

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Keep reading to find out more about how you can turn your passion into a real career, what kinds of positions are available in this field, what you can expect from an online degree and what kinds of personalities thrive in the game and software development field.

Turning Your Passion Into a Career in Gaming and Software

To turn video games and software from a hobby into a career, you will need to earn a certificate, diploma or degree of some kind. Most interested students will pursue either an associate degree or a bachelor's degree in game and software development. An associate degree takes two year to complete, can be done completely online and prepares graduates for entry level positions in the field.

If you want to secure more lucrative positions or to apply for managerial employment, it is suggested that you pursue a bachelor's degree instead. This four year degree is preferred by most hiring managers and employers in gaming and software. A master's degree is often chosen by some advanced students who want to pursue specific subcategories of game development.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

With an online degree in game and software development, you can pursue one of many different careers in the industry. Most graduates will turn to careers in game development, 3D design or 3D graphics programming. However, students at various levels may find themselves drawn to different aspects of the industry.

Some students with associate degrees may end up working as game testers to find glitches with the programs and deliver their reports to the actual developers. Some master's degree holders may work on development to some degree, but could easily oversee employees instead in a corporate setting.

What to Expect From an Online Degree

If you have decided to earn one of the many online game & software development degrees online, you can expect the course to be incredibly flexible based on your schedule and more affordable than a traditional college campus degree.

Instead of attending traditional lectures, you can watch them live via your webcam or just listen to prerecorded class sessions at your convenience later on. Expect the work to be challenging, but communication with professors, teaching staff and fellow classmates to be simple through online message boards and email.

Common Personality Traits Among Employees In This Field

To be successful in the field of game and software development you should have an analytical mind, an understanding of modern technology, familiarity with most types of video games and software and the desire to learn more about the industry.

Although backgrounds in science and math are incredibly helpful, they are not necessary to do well in the field. You should also have the ability to work well either independently or in a group. Some programmers will need to work long shifts along in order to create software, but dealing with glitches may be a team effort that requires communication and group dynamics.

If you are interested in finding a stable and well-paid career in the world of game and software development, look into enrolling in an online degree program to get started.

Today's online education is designed to meet the individual needs of people just like you - busy individuals who must continue to meet current job and family responsibilities, yet have goals and aspirations to fulfill. There is a program that's just right for you. Find out which offering best fits your needs and get started today.

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