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Quick Facts: Finance Industry

Median Pay:   $79,922 per year | $38 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree

Finance Occupations:

  • Financial managers$115,320
  • Financial examiners$76,310
  • Loan officers$62,620
  • Financial specialists, all other$65,440

Online Finance Degrees

If you feel stuck in a career that you don't love or you want to find a position that pays well and offers greater responsibilities, you may need additional qualifications to help you get ahead. In the world of finance, a degree is an obvious way to boost your credentials and show employers what you have to offer.

Even if you already hold a full time job, you can pursue a degree in finance by enrolling in an online program.

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  • Online program in HR Management and Analytics from Wharton
  • Two-month online program by Wharton: Learn the latest HR Management and Analytics techniques to improve performance. Live faculty sessions.
  • Learn through case studies and examples from automotive to banking.
  • Custom exercises and moderated discussion make for interactive learning.
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This guide will explain more about degrees in finance, why you might want to consider one and how to earn your degree online.

Understand the Types of Finance Degrees Available

There are four major degrees in finance that are offered online. The first is the associate degree, a two year program that provides students with basic information on the world of finance, how financial markets operate and how banks run. This online degree is sufficient for entry level positions in the field.

The next and most common degree in finance is the bachelor's degree. A four year program like this will prepare students for careers in financial firms, banks, stock markets and more. In order to secure the highest positions in large corporations, a master's degree in finance is often required.

Although doctorates in finance are available, they are usually only pursued by those who want to research or teach for a living.

Benefit from Many Career Options After Graduation

Earning a degree in finance opens countless doors for new careers, opportunities for advancements and exciting challenges. Many graduates go on to work in banks and credit unions as credit analysts, investment bankers or financial officers. They also work one on one with small companies and individuals as financial advisers or credit analysts.

With advanced degrees in finance, it is possible to secure higher positions like the vice president of finance in a large company, head of risk management, chief executive officer or chief financial officer. These positions are typically some of the most lucrative jobs available on the market today.

Consider the Flexibility of Online Degrees

Earning your finance degree online allows you to have complete control over your coursework, the progress of your degree and your schedule. It is possible to work full time and still earn your degree online.

If you have a few hours each week and access to the Internet, you can begin earning your finance degree online today. Earning a degree online means that you can listen or watch prerecorded or live lectures instead of commuting to class, and you will have the opportunity to take exams whenever it suits your busy schedule.

Explore the Affordability of Online Finance Degrees

Since online colleges don't have to pay for the upkeep of large classrooms or hire cleaning, maintenance and landscaping staff, their overall rates can afford to be much lower. If you want to secure a solid future for yourself but can't afford to spend too much money on tuition, then the affordability of an online finance degree is the perfect fit.

Choose the Online College or University That Works for You

There are dozens of different online schools that offer finance degrees to students. It is important that you research your options and find a location that is completely accredited and licensed. Staff should be knowledgeable and trained in the field of finance, and you should be able to contact teaching and administration staff easily if there are any problems or questions that come up.

Deciding to earn a finance degree online is a big step that can help make your future brighter. Thanks to the affordability of online degrees, their convenience and their flexibility, those who are interested in finance should certainly consider earning their degrees online.

To successfully compete in the world of finance in today’s business arena, an individual should anticipate earning at least a bachelor degree. Master’s degrees and MBAs are also available through online programs to allow you to advance your career opportunities and capitalize on the greatest salary potential. A business finance degree opens the possibilities for a person to enter the field in various types of business enterprises, banking institutions, government, and other organizations. Online business finance degrees are available on the associate, bachelor, or masters level. These programs are specifically designed to allow students to earn their degrees while maintaining a busy lifestyle and career.