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In every educational institute, there are dozens or even hundreds of staff members that work together to educate students. Whether it is an elementary school, a middle school or a high school, it takes classroom teachers, janitorial staff, administrators, counselors and coaches to help run the school efficiently and make sure students are learning in a safe and comfortable environment.

The person who oversees this entire place of learning is the school principal.

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If you are currently a school administrator or a teacher and you are interested in becoming a school principal, then be sure to read on to learn more about what you'll need to become a principal, what skills you will learn while earning a degree in education administration, alternative career options for graduates and why online learning can be ideal for aspiring principals.

What You Will Need to Become a School Principal

In order to be hired as a school principal, you will almost certainly need to have a Master's in Education Administration, have some experience as a teacher, have excellent communication skills and be able to solve problems independently when necessary. Having the ability to lead and inspire other teaching staff is a vital quality for school principals. Many principals also use their communication skills to have conversations with students and to form bonds with as many campus members as possible.

Depending on the state or district where you want to serve as a principal, you may also need to be licensed as a school administrator, and you may need to update your license with continuing education credits periodically as well. If you believe you have all the characteristics of a successful school principal, then a degree in education administration can be the first step in finding your new career in a school.

What Skills You Will Learn While Earning Your Degree

Students who pursue a degree in education administration can expect to cover subjects such as personnel administration, curriculum planning and development, public policy and law, financial management, encouraging diversity and school community relations. Those who decide to pursue a bachelor's level degree in education administration will cover all of these subjects, but they will also learn more about general education topics like history, literature or math. However, a master's degree will typically focus exclusively on educational and administrative courses.

Alternative Career Options for Graduates

Although a great number of graduates who hold a Master of Education Administration will go on to work in a public or private school as a principal, there are number of alternative careers that may also be a possibility with this degree. Some of the most common include working as curriculum developers, as school administrators, as superintendents, as school counselors or even as instructional coordinators. Some graduates may also continue working as teachers, or they may decide to serve on the school or education board at the district, state or even federal level.

Online Learning for Aspiring Principals

Many aspiring principals choose accredited online colleges to earn their degree in education administration. Online learning can save time, money and hassle when compared to traditional college campuses. Since many aspiring principals already work full time as teachers or school administrators, online learning gives them the flexibility they need to take classes and study in the evenings or the summers without giving up their paid employment. Without set class schedules or lengthy commutes, online students have a greater level of flexibility when it comes to earning their degree.

To rise to the top of the educational industry and work as a school principal, an education administration degree is ideal. Begin earning your online degree today and start working toward your dream career.

Those interested in improving school systems and working at the top to ensure that things are running smoothly and efficiently should look into educational administration and supervision. Administrators and supervisors also communicate with parents and teachers to provide a learning environment conducive to successful learning. They allocate resources to the necessary departments and are instrumental in making the toughest decisions.

Online degrees are available to help you pursue your degree in educational administration and supervision on the bachelor and masters levels. Once you have attained a basic degree, you can even pursue you Ph.D. in Education completely online.

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