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Quick Facts: Criminal Justice Industry

Median Pay: $53,130 per year | $26 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree

Criminal Justice Occupations:

  • Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists$49,060
  • Criminal justice and law enforcement teachers, postsecondary$57,200

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

If you have a desire to make a difference in the world, protect your local area and ensure that justice reaches every citizen in the country, then you might be the perfect candidate for a career in criminal justice.

This field is a large and diverse one that includes law enforcement, public safety, corrections, law and even many different governmental and federal organizations.

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A leading, private, Catholic liberal arts university in the Midwest committed to academic excellence, social justice and service.
Penn State is a multicampus public research university that educates students from Pennsylvania, the nation and the world, and improves the well being and health of individuals and communities through integrated programs of teaching, research, and service
Spartans discover solutions for the world's most challenging problems—from alternative energy to the environment, from health to education. Spartans Will.
We are known for helping students make the connection between classroom lessons and real life through hands-on activities such as internships, service learning, and meaningful projects. Learn more about how Lasell can connect you to your unique future.
Founded in 1956 as a liberal arts college, Methodist University now serves more than 2,300 students from 42 states and 77 countries. Methodist University is focused on high-quality experiences that nurture moral values and ethical decision-making to prepare students for a variety of careers and pursuits.The online learning environment offers the same quality instruction as in-person courses. All academic support services are available to online students, providing them with the personalized assistance needed to thrive. For instance, students can access the school’s tutoring center and writing center to receive feedback on their work. Those support services combine with dedicated faculty members to produce an overall caring and friendly environment for all students.Methodist University is a Yellow Ribbon school, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and The Reeves School of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Ninety-seven percent of students qualify for financial assistance. And thanks to multiple start dates and part-time and full-time options for many programs, flexibility is provided to students for advancing their education while balancing work and personal commitments.With a wide range of flexible and high-quality online programs, Methodist University can help you start or advance your career. Experience a distinctive educational experience that encourages professional and personal growth.
At King University, we offer over 15 comprehensive, online degrees and concentrations in diverse fields. Experience a Christian place of the mind with our Presbyterian-affiliated approach. We are known for consistently receiving national recognition for our accelerated programs, affordable tuition, and year-round enrollment.
Point Park expansion has transformed several blocks in the University's downtown Pittsburgh location into an Academic Village.
ECU was ranked the third-best university in the state in 2018 by Best Colleges. See how we train students to serve as caring professionals who positively impact the world with the most relevant education available.
Northcentral University was founded in 1996 to provide working professionals around the world with unprecedented access to richly engaging, professionally-relevant, and academically-rigorous education from a U.S. university. As a regionally accredited, private, online and graduate-focused university, NCU offers doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business and technology management, education, and psychology, as well as doctoral and master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy. NCU utilizes a one-to-one learning model—one student is paired with a professor in each course—to create a more personalized, individual experience for students enhanced by their professors’ real-world experience. NCU professors all hold doctoral degrees, and none of our programs have residency requirements, allowing access to students no matter where they live. Additionally, with the exception of the Department of Marriage and Family Sciences, within the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, all of NCU’s programs are delivered 100% online.

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If you want to find a career that is fulfilling and rewarding, consider earning one of the many different online criminal justice degrees available today through accredited online colleges and universities.

Understand Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal justice is how the government deals with all aspects of crime in the country. It starts with maintaining order and peace in any given community, discouraging crime, protecting residents, solving crimes when they do happen and then bringing criminals to justice for their actions.

Students who decide to pursue degrees in this field will gain a better understanding of the entire process, but will also have the opportunity to study a particular area closely. The diversity and fascinating subject matter of criminal justice makes it a popular degree program for adults of all ages.

Find the Type of Criminal Justice Degree That’s Right for You

Students who want to earn online degrees in criminal justice can opt to earn either an associate degree or a bachelor's degree. In addition, students can choose to pick a specific focus for their respective degrees.

An associate degree in criminal justice typically takes two years to complete, but online students can enjoy the flexibility of the course and complete it faster or slower as needed.

A bachelor's degree will take roughly four years to complete and can be focused on such subcategories of criminal justice as homeland security, law enforcement, corrections and criminal offenders.

Both associate and bachelor's degrees can be completed online rather than in a traditional college campus setting if desired.

Investigate the Curriculum of Criminal Justice Programs

Each degree program in criminal justice will vary slightly depending on your level of degree and the college or university you plan to attend. However, most cover the same basic areas including criminology, courses to understand the intricacies of the legal system, ethics in the field, the benefits and drawbacks of incarceration and rehabilitation, juvenile crime and more.

Those who decide to focus on a specific subject matter like the legal system, terrorism or corrections will have a greater number of course covering that individual subject.

Explore Potential Career Paths in Criminal Justice

There are countless potential careers for those who graduate with either an associate or a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. If you want to work in crime prevention or support victims, then careers in shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, halfway houses or crime prevention schemes might be the right fit.

If you would prefer to protect citizens personally, then you may consider working in a police department, sheriff's department, with the Secret Service or even with the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Jobs in corrections might include parole officers, prison officers and more.

Advantages of Studying Online

Earning your criminal justice degree online has many advantages including convenience, affordability and flexibility. Students can progress through course materials at their own pace, making it incredibly flexible. In addition, students can complete the work and even take exams in their own free time without commuting to a local college campus.

Finally, the tuition costs of many online programs are actually cheaper than traditional college degree programs. All of these reasons make studying online for your criminal justice degree a smart choice.

Whether you want to work in corrections, in the Secret Service or as a local sheriff, earning a criminal justice degree online is the first step in finding your dream career.

Criminal Justice courses explore emergency preparedness and crisis response, training students on specific measures for preventing, planning for and responding to emergency incidents. Advancements in technology used to help security teams effectively deal with crises of various types requires those in the protective and security services field to maintain current training to efficiently keep up with current trends.

The field of criminal justice is not limited to law enforcement, there are many areas of concentration available through online degree programs such as degrees in homeland security, public safety, corrections, and others. You can earn your associate, bachelor, or masters in criminal justice online. Certificate programs are also available so that you can learn relevant work skills as you earn your degree.

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