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The field of communications is a wide and diverse one that includes careers like journalists, reporters, bloggers, advertisers and even painters. It involves expressing an original idea, an advertisement or even a philosophy. For those who have strong written, visual or oral communication skills, choosing an education in communications is an obvious choice.

If you are interested in finding a new career in this field, then you will undoubtedly need to earn some kind of credentials that make you more attractive to future employees. Read on to learn the answers to some of your most pressing questions regarding a certification in communications.

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In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
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What is a Communication Certificate?

A certificate in communications is typically a program that consists of classes, lectures and seminars relating to the field of communications. These certificates are designed to prepare graduates for careers in communications at a number of different levels.

Certificates can be undergraduate or postgraduate, so it is important that students choose a certificate that fits in with their current education and their goals. Unlike an associate degree, which is often comparable to a certificate, students are typically unable to choose their own courses or electives. Instead, they progress through the set courses, although they will have the freedom to choose the pace for the course program of the certificate.

What are the Prerequisites for This Certificate?

The prerequisites for a certificate in communications vary greatly from school to school and depend on whether the certificate is at the undergraduate level or at the graduate level. Undergraduate certificates in communications typically require a high school diploma or a general education degree along with a commitment to the duration of the program.

A postgraduate certificate, on the other hand, requires applicants to first have earned a bachelor's degree in a related field. Whether at the undergraduate or the postgraduate level, potential students interested in an online certificate of communications should also have regular access to a computer and an Internet connection in order to complete the assignments and listen to online lectures.

Who Should Earn a Certificate in Communication?

The kind of person who should earn an undergraduate certificate in communications is someone who has strong communication skills, enjoys reading, writing or other artistic forms of expression, wants to begin an exciting career in the field and doesn't want to commit to a lengthy degree program that takes several years and could be expensive.

What Kind of Careers Are Available for Graduates?

Typically, those who graduate with a certificate in communications will be eligible for a number of different entry-level positions across several different industries. Whether you are interested in working in the field of journalism, advertising or website design, this certificate can prepare you. Graduates might go on to become copy writers, editors, market researchers, radio show hosts, actors, language specialists or public administrators. The skills you learn while earning your certificate in communications, including the ability to comprehend difficult texts, the ability to express yourself orally and in writing and the ability to get across the ideas of your client will help you to find a great career after graduation.

How Long Will It Take to Complete a Certificate in Communication?

Most students will find that it takes them one year to complete a certificate in communications. However, the course materials are available to each student to complete at home according to their own pace. Some students work through the material in less time, and others require slightly more time.

If you are interested in finding your dream career, utilizing your skills and avoiding the debt associated with a lengthy degree program, then online communication certificates might be ideal for you.