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Quick Facts: Advertising Industry

Median Pay:   $72,305 per year | $35 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree

Advertising Occupations:

  • Advertising and promotions managers$96,720
  • Advertising sales agents$47,890

Online Degrees in Advertising or Marketing

Working in the world of advertising and marketing is an exciting career choice, and one that is desired by many individuals. Although this kind of work certainly does require a basic knowledge of subjects like business and economics, the majority of the work needs creativity and great writing abilities.

If you enjoy communicating with others through art, verbal communication, film or written works, then you might be interested in earning an online communication arts degree that focuses specifically on advertising and public relations.

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If this is something that appeals to you, then be sure to keep reading in order to learn a little more about the communication arts degree, what careers are available for graduates, why online learning is a great idea and what characteristics make a successful employee in this field.

Understanding the Communication Arts Degree

This degree major is one that combines elements of graphic design, writing, communications, advertising and public relations into one useful course program. Students can expect to study topics like writing press releases, creating creative advertising campaigns, public relations, writing copy for products in a catalog, creating dialogue for a new commercial and even website content writing.

Students will have the option of earning the two-year associate degree, the four-year bachelor's degree or the master's degree, a graduate course that first requires a bachelor's degree in a related field. Whatever degree level you ultimately opt for, the curriculum will adequate prepare you for exciting careers in the fields of advertising and public relations.

Careers Available for Communication Arts Degree Holders

With a degree in communication arts, graduates will have a number of different career opportunities available. Some of the most popular will be as corporate communications specialists, marketing communicators, advertising coordinators, public relations executives, media publicists and any other careers found within the advertising, communications or public relations fields.

Many graduates enjoy working with large public relations firms, as they have the option of working with several different clients and they enjoy the stability of a regular salary. Other graduates might enjoy working as the public relations spokesperson for one particular client in a full time position. Of course, there is also the option to work in a freelance position or even to start your own business.

Advantages of Earning Your Degree Online

There are several major advantages to earning your communication arts degree online rather than in a traditional college campus. Online degrees can be more convenient for busy students, can save time thanks to the lack of commutes and parking and can allow for flexibility when it comes to studying and even taking exams.

Online students will have the advantage of flexible schedules and won't need to relocate to a new college town that offers the program. In addition, online students will often receive lower tuition rates than their traditional student counterparts.

What it Takes to be Successful in the World of Communication Arts

If you are interested in majoring in communication arts and beginning to work in the fields of advertising and public relations, there are several skills that will come in very handy in order to find success. Successful graduates will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, will be able to understand the needs and wants of clients right away, will be able to handle long hours when necessary and will be very creative. Ultimately, those who will find the greatest level of success in the field will be those who can communicate the ideas and goals of a client perfectly.

An online degree in communication arts in advertising & public relations can be the perfect way to find a new career and succeed in the field.

Exciting careers in the fast-paced world of advertising include promotion managers, marketing managers, public relations managers, copywriter and editor, graphic designers, web designers and web masters.

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