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Although working as a lawyer can be exciting and even lucrative, not everyone who plays a role in the legal systems wants to attend law school or hold down such a challenging position.

If you are interested in working within the legal system, but you don't think that working as a licensed lawyer is the right step, then you might want to consider earning a bachelor's degree in a subject like legal professions.

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In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma*.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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This kind of degree takes four years to complete and will open up many doors to aspiring legal professionals. In addition, the degree is available online so students can earn their degree from the comfort of home according to their own schedule. Keep reading to learn more about the top career options for graduates with a Bachelor Degree - Legal Professions.


A paralegal is one of the top professions chosen by those who have graduated with a degree in legal studies or legal professions. Paralegals will work alongside lawyers in government agencies or private law firms, and in many ways their jobs are similar to that of a lawyer. Typically, paralegals will spend time recruiting clients, preparing drafts or discussing information with clients.

Since having a background in legal knowledge is vital in this career, a bachelor's degree in legal professions is often the perfect way to prepare. Although salaries may not be as high as for certified lawyers who have passed the bar exam, paralegals can still expect to earn significant annual salaries.

Legal Secretary

In a typical law office, there are hundreds or even thousands of documents that need to be prepared daily. Legal secretaries help reduce the burden of lawyers to draw up and edit each of these many documents. Individuals who choose this as their career will need to have excellent writing and reading comprehension skills, as they will be required to read through and process subpoenas, motions, appeals and accident reports for clients. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts an 18 percent growth in demand for legal secretaries over the next decade, and individuals with a bachelor's degree in legal professions can expect to earn upwards of $48,000 annually in this career path.

Court Reporter

Choosing a career as a court reporter is a popular choice for graduates with legal degrees. Court reporters have the job of recording what goes on in court proceedings, meetings between lawyers and clients or any other legal matters that need to be documented.

Some court reporters will use shorthand to record the proceedings, but it is also possible to type out the information or even verbally speak into a microphone to add hand gestures or court reactions into the public record. Since court reporters need to be very familiar with the judicial system and court proceedings, a bachelor's degree in legal professions is the ideal preparation.

Legal Research Assistant

Since law offices require extensive research to be done for trials and settlements, legal research assistants take on that responsibility. These individuals may look up past cases to compare the defendants, speak to witnesses who can give details about an accident or gather materials that lawyers can use later in trial. In order to work as a legal research assistant, you should have a degree in legal professions, be able to write and communicate well and enjoy working with others or alone as needed.

Each of these careers, as well as others like law office administrator and legal assistant, will provide individuals with great salaries and an enjoyable career in the legal world. By earning your legal professions degree online, you can save yourself time and money and start working in your desired industry faster.

Discover how you can achieve your educational goals completely online by earning your degree from an accredited online college or university.

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