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Quick Facts: Finance Industry

Median Pay:   $79,922 per year | $38 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree

Finance Occupations:

  • Financial managers$115,320
  • Financial examiners$76,310
  • Loan officers$62,620
  • Financial specialists, all other$65,440

Online Associate of Finance Degrees

Careers in finance are among the most lucrative in the world, so many individuals have a strong interest in pursuing them. However, the prospect of attending school for a bachelor's or even a master's degree may seem overwhelming.

You might be shocked to learn that there are a large number of careers available for graduates who hold two-year associate degrees in finance.

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Quick Fact
In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma*.
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

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If you have above-average math skills and you are interested in a finance career, then consider earning this degree online.

Read on to learn more about the subjects you can expect to study when earning a finance degree, what the prerequisites for an associate degree are, what kinds of careers and salaries are available for graduates and why an online degree is such a smart choice for finance majors.

What You Will Study When Earning an Associate of Finance Degree

While earning an associate degree in finance, students will cover dozens of different topics related to their major. Some of the most likely subjects that you will study include personal finance, money and banking, commercial credit, business statistics, investments and risk management. While these finance classes will take up roughly 60 percent of your course curriculum, it is important to note that students will also study alternative subjects to fulfill their general education requirements. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to pursue a number of different careers in the financial industry.

Prerequisites for an Associate Degree in Finance

Before applying to an online degree in finance, it is important that aspiring students meet the school's enrollment requirements. While these requirements differ slightly from college to college, most associate programs in finance will ask that enrolled students have a high school diploma or a general education degree, be over the age of 18 by the first day of classes, have minimum grades of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and have a basic knowledge of algebra and pre-calculus to feel comfortable in the math and finance classes. In addition, any students who are planning to pursue online finance degrees should be comfortable using the computer and have access to the Internet whenever necessary.

Careers and Potential Salaries for Graduates

Associate degrees in finance are the perfect way to begin lucrative careers in as little as two years. Some of the most popular careers for graduates include working as a credit analyst, a financial analyst, a stockbroker, a loan processor or an investment advisor. Although this associate degree is relatively short when compared to the bachelor's degree and the master's degree, it still provides graduates with salaries averaging around $62,000 annually.

Reasons to Earn a Finance Degree

There are many reasons to earn an associate degree majoring in finance, but the main reasons include a desire to find a lucrative career, utilize your math skills, a need to earn respect in the workplace and the desire to find a truly professional and prestigious career. If any of these reasons ring true for you, then you might be the perfect candidate for an associate degree in the financial field.

Choosing an Online Degree

An increasing number of students are planning to pursue their finance degrees online rather than in a traditional college setting, and this is largely due to the fact that online degrees are more convenient, flexible and affordable than their traditional counterparts. Online degrees may also save students money as they don't require you to travel daily to a college campus, pay for gas or spend money on parking.

If you are seeking a career in the world of finance that pays well, then earn your associate degree in finance online to find the perfect job.

Find out how you can get started today to prepare for career opportunities in business and finance.

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