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There can be no doubt that working in the field of education is an intensely rewarding and enjoyable experience. In order to become a classroom teacher at the elementary or high school level, however, students will need to attend college for several years and even complete as many as five months of full time student teaching.

If you are interested in education careers, but you don't want to commit to a lengthy degree program, then an associate degree in the field of education may be just what you are looking for. In order to determine if this degree is the right fit for you, read through these questions and answer each.

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Do You Want to Pursue a Career in Education?

Ultimately, those who should consider a career in education are those who plan to work in the field of education after graduation. Most graduates who hold an associate degree in education will go on to work as preschool teachers, assistant classroom teachers or substitute teachers. If any of these careers sound like something you would enjoy, then consider enrolling in this degree program today.

Can You Commit to a Two-Year Degree Program?

It is important for potential students to realize that it takes a significant amount of time to complete a two-year associate degree. Students who study the course materials full time may be able to complete the degree in as little as a year, but many students pursue their degree part time and take up to three years to finish the material. If you can commit to the extent of the degree program, then you may be the right candidate for an associate degree in education.

Do You Meet all the Degree Program Requirements?

In order to pursue a degree in education at the associate level, aspiring educators should be over the age of 18, have a high school diploma or a general education degree, have the desire to work with children and have regular access to a computer. Many schools will also request that their students have a solid grasp on basic mathematical and communication skills, and they may administer an exam to gauge your knowledge and experience in these fields.

Do You Want to Work and Study At the Same Time?

If you want to earn an advanced degree but you can't afford to take time off of work for years at a time, then an online study program is ideal. An online program allows students to study whenever they have time, scheduling their exams and study sessions around their work obligations.

Are Comfortable Using a Computer in Daily Life?

Although an online degree program does not require students to have exceptional technology skills, it is important that potential students feel comfortable using their computers for a variety of different tasks. Students will need to take exams on the computer, stream live lectures and even chat online through college message boards in order to discuss classroom materials with their classmates and teaching staff. Being comfortable on the computer will help you significantly when earning an online degree.

Do You Have the Attributes of a Teacher?

Although anyone can train to become a teacher or educator, the best in the field will have patience, a true desire to help others and excellent communication skills. Having the ability to teach others and communicate your point to students of all ages requires a mastery of the English language and a level of comfort when working with children.

If you are interested in pursuing an Associate of Education degree, then browse through the many accredited online colleges in order to find the online degree program that suits you best.

An associate degree in interdisciplinary studies will provide the basis for you to pursue other areas of education with a well-rounded foundation. Complete your coursework while maintaining your busy schedule.

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