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If you have strong reading and writing skills, you may have already tried to find a career as a writer. Unfortunately, this is an intensely competitive field and finding the right career is not easy.

One of the best ways to find a career that utilizes your talents in reading and writing is by first earning a degree in communications. An associate degree takes just two years to complete, but it will help you to qualify for a number of different careers that you will enjoy.

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In 2017, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
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Read on to learn more about what it takes to enroll in an associate degree program in communications, what subjects you can expect to study, what careers and prospects are available after graduation and why so many communications majors opt to earn their degrees online rather than in a traditional college campus.

What It Takes to Enroll in Associate Degree Programs in Communications

Before you can begin earning your associate degree in communications, you will need to enroll in a program online or at a college campus. In order to be considered as a potential applicant, students will need to be 18 or older, have a high school diploma or a general education degree as an alternative, have taken the SAT or ACT with the required scores and fill out the application form for enrollment.

Keep in mind that all schools and colleges have slightly different requirements, and it is not unusual to request things like written application essays or character references. If you are interested in pursuing your associate degree online, you should also have a computer and access to the Internet for classes, exams and study materials.

What Subjects You Can Expect to Study

While earning an Associate of Communications Degree, students should expect to study a variety of subjects that involve written, graphic and oral communication. Some of the course titles might include mass communications, media writing, English composition, digital media editing, graphic designs and layouts, advertising and public speaking. An associate degree will require students to complete core classes related to the major of communications, but there will also be the option to pursue general education classes in a variety of subjects like history, literature, math or science.

Career Options for Graduates

After graduating with an associate degree in communications, students will have a variety of different career opportunities to pursue. Some of the many options include a public relations associate, a social media consultant, a digital media artist, a blogger, a journalist or an advertising associate. The skills you learn while earning your communications degree will translate well into careers in many different industries. One of the fastest growing areas of employment over the next decade will be in social media, as many companies require technologically skilled communications experts to run their social media campaigns and connect to new customers and clients over the Internet.

Reasons to Pursue Your Communications Degree Online

Pursuing your degree in communications online can save you a significant amount of money, time and hassle. Rather than spending a fortune on gas, car maintenance and parking in order to commute to and from a college campus each day, you can work from the comfort of home. In addition, online degree students can progress through the courses at their own speed, spending more time on challenging subjects and speeding through those areas that they are already familiar with.

With so many exciting careers to choose from, it is no surprise that communications degrees at the associate level are so popular. To find your own dream career, enroll in an online degree offered through one of the many accredited online colleges.

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