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When most people think of what a teacher does, they imagine an adult leading a classroom full of children or perhaps teens. However, some of the hardest-working teachers actually educate adults.

Adult education teachers might teach adults from another country how to speak English fluently, they might help them graduate from a high school equivalency program, they might conduct literacy classes to improve reading skills or they could even teach courses on computer programs to seniors.

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If you enjoy teaching, but you feel that you would have a stronger connection with adults than with teens or children, learn more about the right education options for a future career.

Where Do Adult Teachers Work?

The first question that some prospective students want to have answered is where, exactly, adult education teachers are able to find employment. Traditional elementary school and high school teachers have obvious options for employment: schools.

Adult education teachers also have plenty of potential work environments, but they are not quite as obvious. Adult education teachers may go on to work in community colleges, literacy programs in community centers, prisons or even nursing homes and senior centers.

In some cases, teachers of adults may also be employed in large corporations so that they can teach health and wellness, management or IT courses to groups of employees.

What Educational Requirements are in Place for Adult Teachers?

The absolute minimum degree that a potential adult education teacher needs to have is a bachelor's degree. This degree takes four years to complete, on average, and is available through online as well as traditional college programs.

Many employers expect applicants to also have a master's degree, particularly when it comes to state or federal government positions or university careers. Teachers should also expect to be certified as an adult education teacher by the state in which they want to work.

What Skills are Required Among Adult Education Teachers?

There are a number of skills that will come in handy if you are thinking seriously about pursuing a career teaching adults. Patience, above all, is vital. Many adults struggle to grasp new concepts or new languages, and teachers need to have a calm and controlled personality that allows them to help students at any pace or level.

Teachers should also be organized and focused. Finally, the best teachers will generally be excellent communicators, which can help them lead groups and explain new concepts with ease.

What are the Best Degrees to Pursue for a Career in the Field?

If you're ready to become an adult education teacher, one of the best degrees to start with is a bachelor's degree in either education, adult education or adult literacy. From there, securing an additional master's degree in one of the same three subjects can help to increase your earning potential and make you eligible for a variety of additional positions.

Teaching can be a fulfilling and rewarding career, and teaching adults in particular can give meaning to your life and help you to make a real difference in your community.