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6 Career Opportunities for Graduates With an MBA

Earning an MBA is a savvy move for any student who wants to secure a high-paying career in business. An MBA, or a master's in business administration, is an advanced degree that can be earned after completing a four-year bachelor's degree.

While not a necessity for a career in the world of business, an MBA can be a smart way to get ahead and secure more lucrative roles. An MBA can prepare for you a wide range of career opportunities, and the following six represent some of the most common and appealing choices for graduates.

1. Marketing Director

The role of a marketing manager or director is to generate interest and showcase the value of a particular product, service or brand offered by a company. Marketing directors may work for a large advertising and marketing firm, or they can work in-house at a number of larger corporations.

They may be responsible for budgeting for new marketing campaigns, testing to assess the effectiveness of a campaign or determining the ideal demographic for a product. The average salary for a marketing director is just over $123,000 a year, and that number is typically higher for those with a few years of work experience and a completed MBA under their belt.

2. Accountant

It is possible to earn an MBA with a focus on accounting, which is a smart choice for students who are skilled at math and interested in a career in accounting. After graduation, students can become accountants or CPAs. The role of an accountant is to handle the finances for a person or a business, and those with an MBA will be qualified to manage larger budgets for bigger corporations.

Accountants may also handle taxes and file paperwork to take advantage of any tax reductions or loopholes applicable to a company. Accountants with an MBA can expect to earn upwards of $60,000 each year, with more money going to those who work with international corporations.

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3. Financial Analyst

One of the top careers you can secure after earning an MBA is that of financial analyst. This role involves guiding the financial actions of businesses and helping them make the most of their money and resources. Financial analysts tend to work in corporate offices and may log in more than 40 hours a week, but they can be rewarded with average salaries of $78,000 annually.

4. Human Resources Director

HR, or human resources, is the department that handles everything from recruitment and training to pay disputes and health insurance. A human resources director might be tasked with interviewing prospective employees, creating growth strategies with executives at the company and liaising between employees and managers to create a safer and more harmonious workplace.

To become a human resources director, an MBA is a savvy choice. The demand for human resources managers and directors is growing at nine percent, which is well about the rate of population growth, and salaries equate to more than $100,000 each year.

5. CEO

A CEO, or chief executive officer, is in charge of the overall direction and strategy of a company. An MBA can help entrepreneurs establish new businesses and serve as their CEOs, and it can also showcase ability and lay the groundwork for graduates to become chief executives at major corporations.

The salary tends to be commensurate with the success and profitability of a company, but median pay for CEOs is well above $180,000 annually in the United States.

6. Corporate Recruiter

In many ways, a corporate recruitment position is similar to a human resources position. However, a corporate recruiter will place a bigger emphasis on seeking applicants and hiring the right fit for a company. Corporate recruiters may travel often to college or job fairs, and they might spend a lot of their time interviewing candidates or reviewing resumes. Corporate recruiters with an MBA can secure the most lucrative positions in the field, and the average salary hovers around $54,000 annually. 

Whether students earn their MBA through a traditional college campus or an accredited online program, they can be ready to pursue any of these exciting business careers.