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Nearly everyone you know will take some kind of prescription medication over the next year, yourself included. Your mother might need blood pressure medication, your father might require antibiotics to deal with an illness and you might need medication for depression.

Whatever the reason or the condition, the truth is that pharmacists are necessary individuals who help people to get the medications they need.

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While doctors may write the prescriptions, it is often the pharmacists who discuss the side effects with patients, ensure that each customer gets the right dosage and confers with doctors if there are any problems regarding conflicting medicines. If you want to become a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, then read on to learn more about your online learning opportunities.

Differentiating Between a Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Technician

Although the two positions may seem similar when you speak to them in a pharmacy, a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician do vary quite significantly in both their educations and their professional duties. A pharmacy technician is the person who might physically take your prescription and fill the bottles with the required medication. To do this job correctly, pharmacy technicians will need a solid education in handling various medications.

A pharmacist, on the other hand, will oversee the technicians, discuss side effects with patients and speak with doctors regarding new dosages. In addition, pharmacists can typically expect to earn as much as twice what a pharmacy technician might make annually.

What to Expect With a Pharmacy Career

Both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians should have a solid background in the field of science, the ability to communicate well with customers, a flexible schedule and the ability to stand upright throughout much of the workday.

Working in a pharmacy means that you will be constantly talking with customers, taking calls from doctor's offices and talking among the staff to confirm orders and prescription fillings. You should be comfortable communicating with a diverse group of people in this career. You should also be prepared to work occasional long shifts, and understand that in some areas you will need to work evenings as well as weekends. If you choose to work in a hospital rather than a retail pharmacy, you can expect more night, weekend and holiday shifts.

What it Takes to Become a Pharmacist

To call yourself a pharmacist, you will have to have a doctorate of pharmacy. This is a four year program that can be challenging for many students. To qualify for enrollment in pharmacy school, you will need to have completed a number of prerequisite courses in the related field or have a bachelor's degree, and also pass the PCAT, or Pharmacy College Admission Test. If you already have a bachelor's degree in any subject, simply take the PCAT to determine your eligibility. If you know you want to become a pharmacist after high school, you can take two years of prerequisite classes at any college and then apply to enter pharmacy school, finishing in six years rather than in eight years.

Earning Your Pharmacy Degrees Online

Since becoming a pharmacist can take several years, and becoming a pharmacy technician can take two years or more, many students want to work full time in order to afford their tuition fees.

While most pharmacy programs offer some courses online, students will have to complete clinical portions of any degree in a supervised clinical setting.

Online pharmacy degrees offer the convenience, affordability and convenience to allow students to work full time while earning their pharmacy degrees from the comfort of their home whenever they have spare time. Thanks to online education, students can take advantage of earning prerequisites and some required courses online to use toward a pharmacy tech or pharmacy degree.

If you are currently a practicing, registered pharmacist, find out how you can take your credentials to the next level. One of the nation's most prestigious universities offers a well-repsected pharm.d. program to help you advance your education and earn your well-deserved doctor of pharmacy degree.


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Registered Pharmacists, You Can Earn Your Pharm.D. Online!

Though all pharmacy students graduating from colleges across the nation today have their doctor of pharmacy degree, many great pharmacists graduated with only a B.S. degree in years past. These pharmacists desire to have the credential of Pharm.D. as well. Fortunately, online programs from accredited colleges and universities offer them the opportunity to advance their degree to the same level while continuing to keep their pharmacy practice going at the same time.