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Career Possibilities

  • Medical Assisting$40,000
    • Physician Assistants
    • Dental Hygienists
    • Home Health Aides
    • Psychiatric Aides
    • Nursing Assistants
    • Orderlies
    • Occupational Therapy Assistants
    • Occupational Therapy Aides
    • Physical Therapist Assistants
    • Physical Therapist Aides
    • Dental Assistants
    • Medical Assistants

Break Into the Healthcare Industry with an Online Medical Assisting Degree

As the baby boomers living in the United States reach retirement age, an increasing number require medical attention. At the same time, there are fewer doctors than are necessary. This combination means that additional medical staff, such as medical assistants, are in great demand.

If you want to find a career that is rewarding, well paid and stable but you don't want to attend medical school for several years first, then consider becoming a medical assistant. Online courses can prepare you for a career in as little as two years, so read on to learn how to take the next step toward your future in the healthcare industry.

What is Medical Assisting?

Just as the name implies, medical assisting is helping doctors and nurses in their day to day activities. It might include recording the patient's symptoms before they meet with the doctor, taking blood pressure or any administrative work to help the private practice or hospital run more efficiently. It is a great career choice for people who want to work in medicine, have a desire to work with a range of people each day and those who might one day want to pursue an advanced degree as a nurse or even as a physician.

In 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that there were over 523,260 medical assistants working in the United States, and that number is only predicted to grow over the next decade. Medical assistants earned an average salary of $29,760 each year, but those with associate degrees in medical assisting can earn significantly more.

Degree Types Available

Those who want to pursue a degree in medical assisting can choose between a certificate or an associate degree. A certificate is typically issued by either a college or a vocational training school, and it requires anywhere from nine months to one year of study. This kind of degree is best for someone who wants to find a career as quickly as possible and doesn't want to take extra elective classes or a liberal arts curriculum.

The alternative is the associate degree in medical assisting. This degree takes roughly two years to complete, but may take longer for part time students. In addition to core medical assisting classes, you will also take communications and math courses to round out your education. If you want to complete a bachelor's degree in the future, then an associate degree is a great place to start.

What You Will Learn in a Medical Assisting Degree Program

While earning a typical medical assisting degree, you can expect to cover subjects like introductions to medical records, the ethics of healthcare, pharmacology basics, sanitation and hygiene in medical facilities and patient communication.

Specifically, medical assistants will learn things like prepping patients for doctor examinations, taking blood, running laboratory tests and checking and then recording the vital signs of patients. You will also learn the basics of human anatomy and physiology as well as how medical insurance works for both patients and doctors.

Save Time and Money with Online Study

Earning your medical assisting degree or certificate online can offer you greater flexibility, will allow you to work and study at the same time, can be cheaper than a traditional college campus program and is convenient. Instead of daily commutes to a classroom, you can pursue your studies from the comfort of home, watch live lectures online and even take exams whenever they fit into your schedule.

Online medical assisting degrees are a great way to begin a new career, start earning a higher salary and find job stability in the growing medical field. Whether you choose an associate degree or a certificate, medical assisting can help you to get ahead.

Today's online education programs are designed with individuals just like you in mind. You can earn a degree that makes an immediate impact on your career. Find out how you can begin today to pave the way for career advancement by earning your degree online. Accredited Online Colleges and Universities provide the programs that fit your busy professional lifestyle while allowing you to reach your educational and professional goals.

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