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Career Possibilities

  • Acting$36,000
    • Agents And Business Managers Of Artists
    • Performers
    • Athletes
    • Entertainers And Performers
    • Sports And Related Workers
    • All Other
    • Makeup Artists
    • Theatrical And Performance
  • Animation$64,000
    • Multimedia Artists And Animators
  • Fine Arts$55,000
    • Fine Artists
    • Including Painters
    • Sculptors
    • Illustrators
    • Artists And Related Workers
    • All Other
    • Commercial And Industrial Designers
    • Fashion Designers
    • Interior Designers
    • Set And Exhibit Designers
  • Graphic Design$65,000
    • Art Directors
    • Multimedia Artists And Animators
    • Graphic Designers

Online Media Arts & Animation Degrees

For many artists in today's world, the simple medium of pencils and paper is no longer enough to truly express their creativity. In fact, many people are using their computers as the ultimate tool to create new works of art.

If you are the type of person who loves technology and has a passion for art, then you may want to turn that hobby into a career with a degree in media arts and animation.

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This is the ultimate course for people who love animation and are comfortable using the computer and online software programs. Read on to learn about what you can learn through these online degree programs, what you need to get started, why online learning is great in this field and what your career prospects will be after graduation.

What Will I Learn While Earning This Degree?

Students pursuing a degree in media arts and animation will learn how to use many different software programs in order to create art for websites, television shows, films, advertisements and more. Some of the topics on which you will focus include 3-D animation, character development, digital imaging, creating textures in 2-D art and creating storyboards.

Essentially, this course will lead you through the process of creating an idea, drawing and animating the characters and finalizing the piece, whether that is a website, a simple drawing of a cartoon character, a video game or even a full-length feature film. For students who aspire to be animators in the future, there is no better degree available.

How Can I Enroll in an Online Course Program?

In order to enroll in a degree in media arts and animation, you will have to first have a high school degree or the equivalent of a general education degree, be over the age of 18 and have references or applications that demonstrate your motivation and interest. Many schools will also ask that you submit some of your own art and animation pieces as part of the application. Online schools and programs also suggest that you have access to the Internet, a personal computer and the willingness to study from home for the full duration of the course, which can take an average of four years to complete.

What Are My Career Prospects After Graduation?

Graduating with a bachelor's in media arts and animation means that you can pursue employment in many different fields. Most graduates will go on to work as animators or multimedia artists. You might work in a video game company, a cartoon or film company or even in an advertising firm. As the demand for animators and artists grows, many graduates have created their own businesses and work as freelance artists, which grants them the ability to set their own schedule and only work on the projects that they are most interested in.

Why Should I Study For My Degree Online?

The reasons to study for your media arts and animation degree online instead of at a traditional college are numerous. Since most of the work done for your degree is completed on the computer using new types of software, it makes sense to use it as your primary learning tool. In addition, the flexibility and convenience of an online program means that students are able to choose the courses they want to take, pursue them at their own pace and even work full time as they study in the evenings or on the weekends whenever their schedule permits.

If you love art and technology and want to pursue a career in video games, films or advertising, then consider earning a bachelor's degree in media arts and animation through an online program.

Today's online education programs are designed with individuals just like you in mind. You can earn a degree that makes an immediate impact on your career. Find out how you can begin today to pave the way for career advancement by earning your degree online. Accredited Online Colleges and Universities provide the programs that fit your busy professional lifestyle while allowing you to reach your educational and professional goals.

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