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Online Health Care Courses

When it comes to finding a new career, many people feel stuck without some kind of higher education or advanced degree. However, you might be surprised to learn about how many different career opportunities are available to those who have completed online courses instead of whole degrees.

These courses can be done in the comfort of your own home and will grant you certification proving your knowledge of the subject covered in the program. One of the most popular areas of study for online courses is healthcare.

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With rising demand for healthcare staff and a rapidly aging population in the United States, those with online certificates for healthcare programs can find steady jobs with great pay. These are just a few of the many courses within the healthcare industry that you can pursue online.

Healthcare Management or Administration

If you want to find a career within the healthcare industry but don't want to commit to a two or four year degree, then the best choice might be a course in healthcare management or healthcare administration. Both of these courses are offered through a range of accredited online colleges and institutes and can take anywhere from three months to 18 months to complete. This course will prepare students to take on entry level positions with database management, data input and more within an insurance company, hospital, doctor's office or even a nursing home.

Medical Billing or Coding

Courses in both medical billing and medical coding are a great way to break into the financial aspect of the healthcare industry. Before any private practice or hospital can submit a claim to an insurance company, they must first translate all fees, practices and products into a specialized code. Only those skilled in medical coding will be able to properly convey this information for reimbursement. Online courses in this field will cover topics like understanding the insurance industry and medical terminology as well as the actual coding of services.

Diet and Nutrition

With obesity numbers on the rise throughout much of the Western World, courses focused on the diet and nutrition side of health are greatly in demand. Although registered dieticians need to have extensive schooling and licensing, nutritionists only need to take an online course in as little as six months in order to work in the field. You might learn about the nutrients and vitamins in food, how humans digest and use the food they eat, finding the right caloric balance in daily life and even how to help clients and patients to meet their target weight for health and happiness.

Nursing Assistant

Courses in nurse assisting are a great way to better understand the world of nursing and to decide if it is the right career field for you. These courses are often offered online and take an average of one year to complete, but will prepare graduates to begin working in hospitals, nursing homes and private practices alongside licensed nurses and physicians. If you are interested in becoming a nurse but can't commit to several years of education, then this is a great first step toward a new career.

Illness and Trauma Counselors

Dealing with a loved one's injury or with your own illness can be very difficult, so trained counselors are often available to help patients and their families deal with grief. You might learn how to help children understand death and illness or help geriatric patients deal with serious diseases. While this work is trying, it is also incredibly rewarding.

Any of the online health care courses can be completed in under one year and will set you up for a bright new career in a thriving industry.