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Many aspiring college students struggle when it comes time to pick their major. They may want to pursue something that they truly enjoy, but the difficulty is whether or not they will be able to find a lucrative career with that degree. Ultimately, students should choose a subject matter that appeals to them, that keeps them interested and that they can imagine focusing on for 20, 30 or even 40 years of their life.

If you love reading and can't keep your hands off of classic literature, then there is no better degree than one in English language and literature. Here are some of the degree types to choose from, what you can expect to learn while earning this type of degree, what careers are available for graduates and why online learning is ideal when it comes to degrees in English language and literature.

Types of Degrees to Choose From

English language and literature degrees are available at four different levels for interested students, and each of the degrees are available online as well as through traditional college campus degree programs. Students can choose from an associate degree, a bachelor's degree, a master's degree and even a doctoral degree in the subject. To secure entry level jobs, an associate degree is the best choice and will take an average of just 24 months to complete.

Most students will pursue a bachelor's degree, which takes four years to complete. Those interested in a master's or a doctorate will typically be teaching about the subject in high schools or colleges at some point in their careers.

Typical Curriculum for a Degree in English Language and Literature

The curriculum for a degree program in English language and literature can vary greatly depending on the school you attend and the duration of the course. However, most degrees will focus on the literature produced in English speaking countries like the United States, Great Britain, Australia and South Africa.

You might also cover subjects like grammar, creative writing, linguistics and literary history. Some of the skills you will hone while earning this degree are research, writing and communication. An associate degree and a bachelor's degree will also include some general education classes required for graduation, which might include a foreign language credit or even classes in science and math.

Career Prospects for Graduates in This Field

Excellent writing, reading comprehension and communication skills are some of the most important things to have for any career, so the number of job opportunities available for English graduates is immense. Some of the most popular employment titles for graduates holding a degree in English language and literature include that of journalist, author, English teacher, technical writer, publisher, editor, book reviewer or advertising consultant.

The skills earned through this degree are also transferable to a number of different careers in industries as diverse as health care and finance. Keep in mind that this field can be very competitive, and starting salaries may be lower that in some other fields.

Benefits of Online Education

Earning an English language and literature degree online is ideal thanks to the ease of Internet communication, the flexibility of online courses, the ability to work from the comfort of home and the simple communication between students and teaching staff. As long as you have a computer and access to the Internet, you can begin studying, listening to lectures or even taking exams from any location. Online message boards mean that you can discuss homework or upcoming exams with your classmates and even your professors.

If you love reading and writing and want to turn passions into careers, then consider an online degree in English language and literature.

Earning your degree online gives you the freedom to enhance your education while maintaining your current obligations and lifestyle. Find out how you can get started today.

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