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Quick Facts: Early Childhood Education Industry

Median Pay:   $47,778 per year | $23 per hour
Entry-Level Education:   Bachelor's degree
Work Experience:   Less than 5 years
Number of Jobs, 2014:   2,245,000

Early Childhood Education Occupations:

  • Education administrators, preschool and childcare center/program$45,260
  • Preschool teachers, except special education$28,120
  • Kindergarten teachers, except special education$50,600
  • Elementary school teachers, except special education$54,120
  • Special education teachers, preschool$54,000
  • Special education teachers, kindergarten and elementary school$54,570

Online Early Childhood Education

Working with children is a noble and satisfying way to earn a living. Children need guidance, knowledge and compassion in order to be shaped into adults that can make a difference in the world and succeed in life.

If you have a desire to work with children of elementary age or below, then you might be the perfect candidate for online early childhood education degrees. This guide details some of the careers available in early childhood education, how to succeed in the field and how to choose the perfect degree type that meets your needs and career goals.

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