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In any hospital, rehabilitation center or nursing home, patients might be treated by several different nurses, aides, assistants or physicians. While this range of caregivers ensures that every patient receives plenty of attention at all times, it can get confusing and communication can get garbled between employees. In order to better care for patients, some individuals become trained as case managers.

As a case manager for a patient, you would be responsible for communicating with his or her family, making decisions about the patient's care and treatment and acting as the liaison between hospital staff and the patient. In order to hold this title, you will first need to study case management. Read on to learn what kinds of things you might learn in a case management certification, how to become a case manager, what areas of case management are available and why an online program can help you to begin working as a case manager as soon as possible.

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Different Areas of Case Management Available for Study

Case management is a comprehensive term that covers many different fields. Although it typically applies to health care and nursing, it can also refer to hospice case management, social services case management, adoption case management or substance abuse case management. In whatever area of case management you choose to study, your job will be primarily to look out for the best interests of a particular patient or individual.

As an adoption case manager, that might mean checking up on newly adopted children to ensure that their home life is enjoyable. For hospice case management, that could include meeting with the patient's family to ensure that staff in the home are doing their job correctly.

How to Become a Case Manager

In order to become a case manager of any kind, you will typically need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in the field you wish to work, have taken a preparation course or certification course online or through a training facility and be able to pass a licensing exam through the Commission for Case Management Certification or the American Case Management Association.

It is important to realize that becoming a case manager is not something to consider at the beginning of your career. Instead, it is a great option for those who have worked in nursing, health care or in social services and are ready to begin working more closely with patients and enjoying the salary boost that additional qualifications will provide.

What You Can Expect to Learn While Earning a Case Management Certificate

Although online case management certificates can vary greatly depending on the institute which offers them, many courses will cover topics like community relations, communications, clinical ethics, patient assessment and geriatric care. The duration of a case management certificate can be anywhere from three months to two years in length, with the ultimate goal of preparing the student for a career in case management and to pass a licensing exam if necessary for your desired area of employment.

Studying Online to Become a Case Manager

There are many reasons to study online when trying to become a case manager including the ability to work full time while pursuing the degree, the chance to work from home rather than in a classroom setting, the flexibility of the program and the convenience that studying and taking exams over the Internet brings. If you already work in health care and you aren't sure if you can handle an additional certification, online learning may make it easier than you previously thought.

To become a case manager in nursing, hospice care or social services, pursue an online case management certificate today.

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